Life Update: Meet Luna

I have not put that much time into my blog during July, and this is mainly because I have felt so flat out and have not been feeling myself, but we can save that story for another blog post! However, I just wanted to give everyone an update of what is happening in my little yet hectic life.

It was mine and James’s anniversary on the 20th of July, and we had plans to go out for dinner and just spend some much-needed time together. However, at the beginning of the week, we made the decision to have a look at puppies, as this is something we have spoken about since buying our house. Even though it felt like a rushed decision, we had spoken about it many times before and came up with a solid plan on how we would look after it and the costs involved.

I have always prefered big dogs like Huskies and Alsatians, but James has always grown up with Springer Spaniels. I was never the biggest fan of Spaniels, but we decided we would look at some Working Cocker Spaniels, which is kind of like meeting in the middle. We spent a while searching the internet to find the perfect puppy, I didn’t want the dog to be docked, and this is pretty hard when looking for a ‘working’ breed of dog. We found the perfect little puppy advertised online, and it was the last one left. Luckily the puppy was only a 45-minute drive away, and I instantly fell in love with her. She was the smallest of her litter but had the biggest personality, and we just loved her. We put the deposit down, and as she was 8-weeks old, we decided to go and pick her up the next day!

She was super good in the car and has settled in so well; apart from the first night, but since then it has been plain sailing. Of course, she isn’t toilet trained yet, but has done her done 80% of her business on the puppy pads or in the garden! Once she can go outside properly, we can start teaching her to do it outside during walks. I am exhausted but so happy that we have a new addition to our household. She is such a character and has the best personality, loves a cuddle and loves to play!

Of course, James and I both work full-time, but as James has an awesome family, they have offered to pitch in during the week, and James will also take her to work with him! I think I will cover how to look after a puppy when you both work full-time in a future blog post.

We have had Luna just over two weeks now, and she has settled in so well! Of course, she chews everything she sees, doesn’t listen to us, but she is still so young! I have booked her last injections in for this week, and I can’t wait to take her on her first walk! I feel incredibly attached to her already and look forward to seeing her as soon as I get through the door as well as spending every moment I can with her.

So there is my little life update, and hopefully, you understand why I have been on the quieter side. However, be prepared to be bombarded with dog-related content across all of my social platforms!


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