Puppy Update: 4 Months Old

Over the last couple of months, my blog has kind of taken a back seat due to life feeling so crazy. Since getting Luan, our lives have changed so much, more than I would have thought to be honest. I know that everyone always says what hard work having a puppy is, but it is such hard work!

We have had Luna just over two months now, and she is just over four months old; time flies! Getting a puppy is no easy ride, but the moments you get to spend together where she rests her head on my lap every morning before I head to work and her huge personality really makes up for the stress!

I thought I would give everyone an update on how she is getting on, as it might be helpful for those looking to get a puppy!

Puppy Training

We have nearly finished our seven weeks of puppy training, and it has been so helpful! Of course, she is the naughty one of the class and tries to escape out of her pen. However, both of us have learnt so many useful tips which have helped us in so many ways! From sitting, lying down, stay, wait, food manners, walking and more; I would 100% recommend taking any puppy to these classes, and if you are local to me then I couldn’t recommend The Haven Dog Centre enough!

Toilet Traning

We haven’t quite cracked toilet training yet, but I would say this is completely our fault! She can hold her bladder in her crate, but when she is freely roaming around the house, she will decide to wee every 20 minutes! I think this is because we haven’t been utilising her crate enough or getting her into a regular routine in letting her outside. I’m pretty sure we have nearly cracked it, so we are going to get into a better routine, and hopefully, this will help.


Luna has always been a bit nippy, but I’m hoping this stops once her adult teeth come through. One minute you could be having a nice cuddle, and next, she has got hold of your jumper or hand! I know this is very common, but we have tried distracting her with toys and treats, but I’m hoping this will get a little better as she gets older!


Since getting Luna, it has helped us get out of the house a lot more even when the heavens have opened! We have two leads, a training one and a 30m recall one. On the training lead, she does pull a lot, and this is something we will continue to work on. However, on the 30m lead, she always stays pretty close to us (for now), so we don’t really hold it, it is just there if we need to grab onto her. We have, however, let her off her lead completely in the field behind our house, and she is pretty good about coming back.


At the moment, Luna sleeps in her crate in the kitchen, and we are now using this for when she could do with some quiet time. When we first got her, we used the crate, but then we switched to a pen which she quickly realised she could climb! We then used a pop-up playpen which she chewed, so we have gone back to basics. She seems to settle really well at night, as we put her to bed at around 10pm and I let her out in the morning around 6am, she doesn’t have any accidents in the night. If we are popping her in there during the day if we go out, she does cry (we have a little camera to watch her). I think this is because we have never really left her alone properly, so we are working on leaving her in there for 10/20 minutes whilst we are home to get her more used to it. Once she is a little older and is completely toilet trained, she will be able to have the full run of the kitchen.


We have had a complete nightmare with puppy food so far as we tried her on numerous dry foods, but she just wasn’t eating it. After speaking with our puppy trainer, and she advised us to try wet food instead (I always wanted to avoid this as I thought it would upset her tummy). However, she loves it, and it is so nice for her to be excited about her meals! We are currently on Pedigree Puppy, but I think we are going to try Butternut Box this month as this is apparently healthy dog food. I’m not sure how ‘good’ Pedigree is for dogs, but as long as she is eating something, I am happy.


She is such a cheeky puppy, but this is what we love about her personality! She will chew anything, steal your shoes, run away with stones, dig up the garden, jump on me when I am drinking a coffee and loves to climb on everything! However, she loves to be loved, and we love to love her! When she is in that sleepy mood, she will hop up on the sofa and snuggle right into me for a cuddle whilst laying her head on my lap, and this melts my heart.

All in all, I think it is going pretty well, we just need to put a lot more effort in! She is incredibly smart but cheeky, and this is what I love about her! She has completed our little family, and we are so happy we made the decision to have her!

If anyone has any puppy training tips or advice on food, please let me know in the comments below! I will try and do monthly updates on how she is getting on, but you can always keep up to date on her Instagram here!


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