Puppy Update: 6 Months Old

I can’t believe Luna is six months old; I am fully aware that I sound like the parent of a child. Luna has been a part of our lives for 4-months now, and I can’t believe how much our day-to-day lives have changed!

I will tell you now, getting a puppy is bloody hard work; I didn’t quite think it would be this hard, but it legit changes your whole life! However, I’m not saying it as a bad thing; in fact, the good definitely ways out the bad!

So, as promised, I thought I would give you all an update on how Luna is getting on now she is 6-months old (or if you are here for cute puppy pictures, just scroll down)!


One thing we have noticed is that Luna is stuck to us like glue. For example, if we are sat in the lounge and go into the kitchen, she follows us. I don’t personally mind too much, but I was worried that she might have developed separation anxiety, but she is now a lot better when we leave her alone in the house, she does cry for a little bit, but not to an extent.

It seems she is a ‘velcro dog’ and just wants to be around us all the time, and I am happy with that! However, I feel like Luna has definitely gained some independence now, as she does go off and play by herself a lot.

Toilet Training

In my last post, I mentioned that she was struggling with the whole toilet training aspect, but we have really put the effort in and can stay we may have cracked it. Okay, so she has only had a couple of accidents inside, and that was more our fault, but she is now learning that she can hold her business, and I think that sticking to crating her has helped so much!


Her adult teeth have almost all come through now, and she seems to chew on our hard furniture a lot less now. However, she still loves chewing our rug and any soft furnishings around the house; so this is something we are going to have to work on!


Walking has been a bit of a nightmare with Luna’s excessive pulling, but we have tried a new lead. This is not something I wanted to use and swore I never would, but she would just pull on her walks, and it wouldn’t be enjoyable for either of us.

We decided to get a figure of eight lead, which basically hoops over her nose and round her neck, and if she pulls, it forces her head back and is meant to stop her pulling. However, even though this has helped, she is so clever that she walks in front of us, pulling ever so slightly, but not enough to bring her head up! This is a lot better than it was, so it is something we are going to have to work on too!

We also use an extendable lead when we are walking through the park, and she seems to be a lot better on this now she uses the figure of eight lead. Additionally, we also use a 30m recall lead when in large open spaces, and she always stays close to us! Maybe we need to be more consistent…


Luna still sleeps in her crate and seems to be absolutely fine! We have also started to crate her when we are busy doing things in the house, and she will sit in there happily, and this has helped loads; I definitely wish we did this sooner!


As mentioned previously, Luna is now on Pedigree Puppy wet food; and she loves it, but our bank accounts don’t! Obviously, dry food is much cheaper, so we are going to give that a go again just to see if she will eat it! Obviously, we will pay whatever to make sure she eats, but as we are feeding her three times a day we go through nearly two boxes a week and at ¬£4 a box, that is a little excessive!


Luna is still cheeky as ever, stealing anything she can get her hands on and then gets chased around the house! However, she is so cuddly and cute; we have the best of both worlds really! We should have changed her name to Luna-tic really because she is crazy hyper, but I suppose all spaniels are!


I have learnt a lot in the last few months, and puppy training definitely helped me a lot! However, I know that having a puppy is SO overwhelming so I thought I would share some tips;

  • Use a lick mat to calm your puppy down and keep them busy
  • If they are going crazy and are really hyper, give them some time to calm down in their crate
  • Stick to a routine
  • Use the crate to your advantage
  • If you can’t keep an eye on them, put them in the crate
  • Snuffle mats, Kong toys and lick mats will be an absolute godsend if you have a hyper dog

If anyone has any puppy training tips or advice on food, please let me know in the comments below! I will try and do monthly updates on how she is getting on, but you can always keep up to date on her Instagram here!


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