Puppy Update: 9 Months Old

It has been a little while since I gave everyone a little update on how Luna is, and how we are finding life as puppy parents. She is in complete teenage mode, which means she doesn’t like to listen and is basically a little bit mental. However, with some of these pre-adolescent changes, there are plenty of positives too!


I have always wondered if Luna would ever pick up on my emotions, but it is like somehow she just knows what mood I am in. If I am having a bad day or I look upset, she comes and lays her head on my lap or snuggles right into my chest. This is what I have always wanted from a dog, just to get so excited to see me and loves a fuss.


If you have been keeping up to date with how Luna is getting on in my previous posts, you will know that we have really struggled with getting her to actually eat. We were using the Pedigree Puppy Food, but then she went off that too! I have been wanting to try Butternut Box for ages now and thought it was outrageously expensive. However, it might be on the pricier side, but seeing your dog actually enjoy their meals, knowing it is healthy is priceless. So every 3-weeks we get Luna’s frozen meals delivered for about £40. If you have a fussy dog, then I could not recommend Butternut Box enough! You can get 75% off your first box by going here: butternutbox.com/Chloe183.


I would have loved nothing more than to let Luna have puppies, but I know for a fact that there was no chance I would be able to sell any of them; our house would be overrun with bouncy Cocker Spaniels. However, we decided to be sensible and get her spayed in January. I know there is a lot of controversy about letting your dog have their first heat before they are spayed, but we did it prior to this.

I have never been so worried when she went in for her operation, and the recovery process was definitely not easy; if you have met Luna, you will know why!

We basically crated her for about eleven days, to ensure that she was healing properly, with my boyfriend and I taking time off of work to keep an eye on her. She stayed in her crate, in a baby-grow type thing and we let her outside to go the toilet on her lead. Of course, we let her have some time outside her crate to have a gentle play, and that was about it. We also purchased some calming tablets to try to stop her from hurting herself.

Even after all that, she didn’t heal as quickly as we would have hoped, but is definitely on the mend now1


Surprise, surprise we still haven’t cracked walking Luna, and I am not sure we ever will at this point! We use the figure of eight lead, and she is fine on that, then a 40m lead when we are in somewhere open; we still haven’t walked her completely off the lead. I feel like I would be way too anxious to do this at the moment, as as soon as she sees a bird she bolts.


I don’t actually have a problem with Luna being a hyper/bouncy dog, but the only thing I don’t like is her constant jumping .up. However, we are currently working on this so that she can greet people properly instead of jumping up so high! I love how bouncy she is, but I know some people won’t appreciate it.

You will be pleased to know that Luna is still as cheeky as ever, stealing our socks and running around like a nutter; and we wouldn’t change her for the world.


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