Puppy Update: 6 Months Old

I can’t believe Luna is six months old; I am fully aware that I sound like the parent of a child. Luna has been a…

Puppy Update: 4 Months Old

Over the last couple of months, my blog has kind of taken a back seat due to life feeling so crazy. Since getting Luan, our…

My Favourite Dog-Friendly Locations in North Devon

Since getting Luna, our lives have changed massively and for the better. However, this also means when it comes to finding something to do at…

Should You Get a Puppy if You Work Full-Time?

Cue the hate… I would like to begin by saying getting a dog whilst you work full-time is not recommended, as you should not leave…

Life Update: Meet Luna

I have not put that much time into my blog during July, and this is mainly because I have felt so flat out and have…



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