What Does It Feel Like To Love Your Body?

With the weather starting to warm up, I can’t help but hate this time of year. Don’t get me wrong, I love feeling the sun…

Get On My Wick Review*

Much to my boyfriends’ demise, one of my obsessions is candles. I know that most people my age buy clothes and makeup, but one of…

Why I Started My Blog

From many of my posts, you may think I am some sort of tortured soul who is never happy. Although this is half right, it…

My ‘Hinching’ Obession*

Unless you have been living under a rock, or don’t use Instagram, you will not understand the obsession with ‘Hinching’ or Mrs Hinch. When I…

Nearly Six Years Together

We should all know by now that I enjoy oversharing on my blog, but one thing I do like to keep private is my relationship.…



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