Dermaloch Moisturiser Review*

Unfortunately, I have the most sensitive skin, so much so that I find it incredibly hard to find products which don’t make my skin super itchy or inflamed. I have been searching for ages for a moisturiser I can use on my skin. However, I have had the pleasure of working with Dermaloch and they sent me two products to try so I thought I would let you know how I got on.

Who Are Dermaloch?

Dermoloch has created a natural skincare solution for those who suffer from an array of skin problems including eczema and dermatitis. Their website says:

Dermaloch is committed to making the most effective and natural skincare moisturisers. The Dermaloch formulas have been moisturising peoples skin for over 10 years.

We believe in the principles of homeostasis – the self-healing capacity of the skin, which is dependent on the supply of high-quality nutrients. This is why we only use the finest natural oils and extracts to ensure your skin receives the optimum levels of as many nutrients as possible.

In creating our products, we work hard to avoid any synthetics widely accepted in most of the skin and cosmetics industries.

What I love is that their products are suitable for vegans, and that is incredibly important in this day and age, and also that a little really goes a long way with their products.

Dermaloch Intensive Moisturiser

I have been using both products for just over a month, and I love this moisturiser. Not only does it smell incredible, but it absorbs into your skin so quickly and there is no stickiness afterwards. This is probably my favourite out of the two, just because it is so convenient to use. I have been using this nearly every day, mostly on my arms and legs and they are left feeling incredibly smooth, and my skin has not reacted badly to it at all!

Cost: £10
Rating: 5/5

Dermaloch Rejuvaderm Moisturiser  

As I mentioned above, I have been using both products for just over a month. This moisturiser does exactly what it says, but I didn’t like it as much as the other. This is because it leaves my skin feeling ever so slightly sticky, but it still smells lovely and leaves my skin feeling fresh. I did use this one on my face and it left it feeling slightly oily, but this may just because I have combination skin.

Cost: £10
Rating: 3/5

If you have problematic skin like mine or suffer from eczema or dermatitis than I would definitely recommend these products! However, I do think £10 is a little steep for a moisturiser, but that might be because I am a massive cheapskate when it comes to my skincare products. As I said above I completely love the intensive spray, just because it is so quick to use and absorbs so well into my skin, so I would definitely consider purchasing that product again.

If you have any questions about these products, just leave a comment below! Alternatively, you can find more about these products by visiting the Dermaloch website here.

This post is a collaboration which means the items featured were kindly gifted to me, however, all opinions are my own.

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