Setunea Natural Olive Oil Soap Review*

I really love skin products, and I am always looking to try something new, so I was grateful when Setunea got in touch asking me if I would like to review their natural olive oil soap. As I have mentioned previously, I have got sensitive skin, so it always good to use natural products, and this is something I try and stick to especially when using these products on my face. Take a look at what I thought of this product below:

Who Are Setunea

On their website they say:

“SETUNEA was born out of a musing of how well a centuries old olive oil soap recipe could meet the modern consumer’s growing demand for organic products. Today more and more people are beginning to fully appreciate the benefits of all natural ingredients and the impact they can have on their quality of life.”

What I love about this brand, is that their mission is straight forward; they just want to create a product which everyone can use from natural ingredients. Also, another huge bonus is that this product is completely vegan which is important in this day and age!

My Thoughts

One thing which annoys me about a lot of soaps is the artificial smell which is left on your face. The reason I love this soap is that it smells natural; there has been nothing weird added to make it have an unnatural smell. Also, I love the look on this soap, it really looks old-fashioned and makes it a little quirky! The packaging is clean and simple and gets right to the point, with the soap being wrapped in tissue paper.

I have been using the soap to wash my face for the last week, and it has left my skin feeling clean and incredibly soft; I didn’t think it would! I have also noticed that my skin has become a lot clearer and brighter which is a huge bonus. For something with such little ingredients, I didn’t think it would work as well as it did and I would definitely consider purchasing this. I know it is only soap, but if you suffer from sensitive skin or just want to try something a little more natural then I would definitely suggest getting your hands on one of these bars!

Cost: £8
Rating: 5/5

I can’t wait to see what new products they come out with next, as I just loved this soap! Would you consider purchasing this soap? Let me know in the comments below!


This post is a collaboration which means the items featured were kindly gifted to me, however, all opinions are my own.

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