Wonderbra: Is It Worth The Hype?

One thing I have always found hard as a woman is finding a comfy strapless bra that doesn’t make your boobs look weird. Well, my good friend Kim over at The Adventure to Me was speaking to me the other week about how good her Wonderbra is, so I had to see for myself.

It is definitely that time of year where a strapless bra is a staple in a women’s wardrobe. I have this weird obsession where I hate my bra straps showing, especially if I am wearing a thin-strapped top.

In all fairness, I was reluctant to spend a lot of money at first, as you can get cheaper bras from shops like Primark, but this is where I had purchased my previous ones from. The problem is, they are so uncomfortable, as I find they are so tight and dig in, as a larger chested woman, they just made my boobs look super weird and squished.

I took the plunge and decided to buy one from ASOS (Wonderbra refined glamour ultimate strapless lace), but they didn’t actually have my size so I thought I would do one cup size down; I usually wear a 38DD but got a 38D instead. I was super excited, as I could wear my spaghetti strap tops, without the fear of being in pain or having weird looking cleavage.

The bra itself is beautiful, simple and the comfiest item of clothing I now own. I was sceptical at first, but honestly, it is probably the best investment I have made. The bra has moulded cups with help to lift your breasts up, underwire support and one of my favourites things are the little silicone dots which stop it from slipping.

I have never had my cup size measured, but glad I got it in a smaller size and it fits like a glove. The only negative I would say is that I wish I purchased a non-lace one, so you couldn’t see the pattern through thinner tops, but that was my fault. I paid £42 for this, and I would say that it is extortionate, but this is 100% worth the money for the comfort you feel.

I would definitely say that this bra is worth the hype, and I honestly wish I got one a lot sooner! I would recommend this product for anyone who wants to feel comfy, but still sexy or just wants a little bit of a lift when wearing strapless tops or dresses.

I feel so much more confident, comfy and sexy when wearing it; what more do you want? Have you heard of Wonderbra before, or would consider buying one? Let me know in the comments below!


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