3 Simple Ways to Make Your Everyday Life a Bit Better*

Unfortunately, it’s pretty easy to end up in a situation where you find yourself in a slump in both your personal and professional lives and feel like everything is just getting a little bit worse day by day.

Maybe it starts with you coming down with a nasty cold, and then you have a bad day at the office, and then you start neglecting some of your domestic chores. Before you know it, everything seems to be a mess, you’re behind with your work, there are stacks of unwashed dishes piled up, and you barely know what’s going on.

It’s always better if you can make things consistently better in your everyday life – even just a little bit at a time – rather than allowing them to become worse.

Here are a few simple ways to make your everyday life a bit better.

Set a regular wake up time and be consistent with it

All sorts of productivity gurus, famous success stories, and health and wellness writers, have plenty of positive things to say about the benefits of waking up early.

Whether or not you find yourself getting out of bed at the crack of dawn each day, however, an excellent way of making your life a bit better, day by day, is to simply set a regular wake up time and be consistent with it.

If your wake up times are erratic and vary from day to day, your circadian rhythm will likely be disturbed, and your energy levels and mood will fluctuate wildly.

If, on the other hand, you’re able to set a regular wake up time and be consistent with it, you’ll likely not only find that you’re more energetic, but also that it’s easier to plan your days out in a meaningful way.

Embrace a bit of comfort and luxury in the home

We all need a bit of luxury and comfort in our lives from time to time,  but it can sometimes be hard to justify expenses that seem more or less completely frivolous. After all, who really “needs” a cosy beanbag chair or a gourmet coffee machine?

To a surprising degree, however, our emotional resilience and well-being are often tied into the simple pleasures, comfort, and luxuries we get to enjoy on an everyday basis, that can help to offset the normal everyday stress of work.

So, give yourself permission to research inset electric fires, and treat yourself a bit from time to time.

Identify frequent areas of stress in your life, and work to reduce or eliminate them over time

Everyone has to deal with stress from time to time. That’s just a basic fact of life, and there’s no way of structuring your life for it to be completely free of stress.

At the same time, however, having stressful events arising from time to time is a different story than having stress constantly invading your life due to certain issues and features of your everyday routine that could be structured differently.

Chronic stress destroys health and well-being and makes it very difficult for us to move in a positive direction, or even get back on our feet after a setback.

If there are areas of your life that cause you far too much stress, work to reduce or eliminate them over time. That could mean looking for a different job, coming up with a different exercise routine, or any number of other things.


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