5 Ways To Respect Your Body*

There is so much information right now across the world when it comes to health. Everyone has their own opinion on what makes a healthy lifestyle and what’s healthy for one won’t be for another. Following a healthy lifestyle isn’t supposed to be complicated or full of drama. It shouldn’t make you miserable and it shouldn’t cause you to get upset or depressed. The adverts on social media and in magazines will remind you constantly that you are not good enough – and yet you are. Leading a healthy life doesn’t require magic tea and laxative coffee. It includes good food, exercise and plenty of sleep. With that in mind, here are five ways you can start honouring your health and respect your body.

No Room For Toxicity 

We just mentioned magic tea and laxative coffee. If you go into Instagram right now, you’ll see low rate celebrities pushing these products. It’s abhorrent but the biggest poison is the influence. You do not need anything toxic in your body. You do not need cigarettes and drugs, alcohol and addictive substances that will make your body react. If you have substance issues then it’s important to speak it a doctor and sort that first before you worry about other aspects of your health. 

Exercise Regularly

Getting your body moving isn’t always easy, especially when you’re busy. You need to get that body moving and with the help of trainers like Andy Griffiths, you can manage it. A personal trainer may not have been in your initial budget but you sometimes need someone to be by your side, egging you on. You want to improve your appearance and the right PT can do that for you. Exercise helps you to respect your body and it’s limitations. You can do so much for yourself when you are kind to your body and exercise regularly. 

Sleep Well

High quality sleep will help your body to relax and your muscles to heal. When you work out and you’re stressed, it’s easy not to be able to sleep. It’s important for your overall health and it’s going to prove that your body will be better and stronger with sleep. The more sleep you have that’s of a high quality, the better! Get the room the perfect temperature and dim those lights. You’ve got a night of sleep happening so make it the most comfortable night ever and set the scene for perfection. 

Curb Your Stress

Exercise is going to help you to de-stress. However, you need to work on other stress triggers to know that you are going to be able to relax. If work is triggering your stress, cut down your hours and start looking at getting out for a walk on your lunch break. You need to be sure that you are going to lower your cortisol levels. Stress can be debilitating so avoid it where you can. Deep breathing and meditation are excellent stress relievers. You just need to know when to put these into place. Giving yourself your time is so important for your stress. If you know that you are a generally stressed out person, work on techniques that will help to reduce this, if not remove it completely. You could benefit massively from talking therapy if you need an outlet and exercise isn’t cutting it. 

Eat Real Food

The best way to respect your body is to fuel it well. You need to burn your food to feel good and eating food that will nourish you is so important. Focusing on real foods and fewer processed options is going to be a good thing for your body. Sure, processed options have their place, but if you can stick to a combination of great animals and plants, meat and fish, fruit and vegetables. Whole foods are so important for your overall health you need to eat a diet that will energise you and make you feel good on the inside. It should also make your skin feel healthy, too. Your whole body benefits from good food and what better way to respect it than to make it feel healthy inside and out? You can cut your excess weight, boost your energy and make your whole body feel full of life and health. 

Self-respect comes in many forms but looking after your body is so important. Start with these five tips, then look after your sexual health, too. Your future and your health depend on it. 

Disclaimer: This post is a collaboration where money or goods were exchanged for it to be published; however, all opinions are my own.

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