Fitness Doesn’t Have To Be Slaving Away At The Gym!*

When you think about fitness, one of the things you think about is getting hot and sweaty in the gym, and actually having to work up the effort to go to the gym. For some of you, this is going to cause a mass of anxiety and stress, because going to the gym can feel like all eyes are on you, and in a sense they are. People like to have a nosey at what other people are doing, but it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re watching to judge. But we could talk all day about how the gym is good for you and something we think you should be doing, but if it just isn’t your cup of tea, there’s no point even trying! So instead you should think about all of the other options that you have to keep you fit and healthy because there certainly are plenty. The more fit and healthy you become, the better you’re going to feel about your body, and the better you’re going to feel about life. So, we’re going to show you how you can focus on your fitness, without having the panic of going to the gym. Keep on reading to find out more! 

Classes, Classes & More Classes

If you think about classes, your mind will most likely go back to the panic of the gym, and all of the classes that they offer. But the gym is not the only place where classes take place, there are plenty in your local community, and it doesn’t have to be something so intense that you’re feeling out of your depth. Fitness classes can be something like yoga, which although it’s hard to learn, it’s excellent for your body. If you go to a beginner class, you’ll be surrounded by people who are just as new as you, and you can actually relax into and learn something new. Yoga is great for your joints and muscles, your mental health, and just your overall fitness. Definitely one to try out if you want to get off that sofa without getting out of breath! 

Find Your Love For A Team

Team sports are so good, but we usually only associate these with school. But just because we’re not at school anymore, it doesn’t mean that we can’t play for a sports team. A really good one for women is netball. It’s just a team sport, easy to pick up, and you can pick a position to play depending on your strengths. If there isn’t a team in your local area, you could set one up and Design Your Own Netball Kit and get the team going. You’re most likely going to make some new and amazing friends through doing this, and your fitness will improve doing something that you actually love! 

Simple Walking

Simple walking might be all that is needed. You don’t have to walk fast-paced and you don’t have to walk as part of a group. Just getting out in the open every morning for a walk can make the world of difference to your lifestyle! 


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