Period Talk: They Suck

So, let’s face it; I am a very open person and writing about subjects that are a little bit more personal is definitely more my vibe. This brings me to have a very open chat about periods and how truly awful they are, well for me anyway.

If you have been keeping up with my blog, you will know that I have come off of all birth control and have been since September. This has helped me regain more control over my mental health which plummeted due to the side effects of both the pill and the implant. Just so you know, we aren’t actively trying for a baby; I just didn’t want to feel like jumping off a cliff anymore.

Anyway, due to being free from being pumped full of hormones, I now get my period regularly, which hasn’t been the case since I was about 14 years old (about 13 years ago). I first went on the pill when I was 14 to help control my periods as they were heavy and made me feel like shit. I then had the implant when I was 15 to 26, which was changed every 3-years then, of course, went back on the pill.

Due to this, I never really experienced a regular cycle until recently. I personally don’t feel like periods are spoken about enough; like I am incredibly open about most aspects of my life, but no-one wants to speak about them. So, here I am giving you the low-down on my current experience.

My periods are nice and regular, but they completely wipe me out. This means that I end up feeling incredibly ill, including migraines, body aches, horrendous cramping, feeling dizzy, backache, exhaustion, feeling sick along with being a complete bitch and crying at minor things. Most of the symptoms occur the day before and the first of my period and get so bad that I usually have to take a day off of work. This makes me feel like a dick as I know that a lot of women feel like complete shit, but the fact I have no energy and feel that bad that I can’t actually come into work makes me feel like this isn’t normal.

I did manage to have a brief chat with my doctor, and of course, she suggested going back on the pill, and I told her that I don’t really feel like that is the best option due to what happened before, after explaining she agreed; do doctors even look at our notes? She then suggested going on anti-depressants, which I am a little confused about? Then, she said there weren’t really any other options, which was just fab. So, that now means that each month I am going to feel completely horrendous, and there is nothing I can do to help.

Being a woman can truly suck, and I really don’t think men understand, of course, James tries his very hardest to ensure that I don’t get too stressed, but it’s shit. I don’t understand why I end having all of these problems, and it’s really starting to annoy me. I now have to make sure I don’t have any plans around when I am due, cause I won’t be able to go to them; instead, I will be lying in bed, dosed up on painkillers, having a cry and eating ice cream.

I would love to know if anyone experiences anything similar, or has any idea on how I survive these two days on the month where I feel SO ill. I just don’t think women should suffer in silence, as it is super shit for so many of us!



  1. 10th March 2020 / 7:14 am

    I have been on the pill since around 14. My periods last almost 3 months naturally…yup, not a typo 3 months. The pain, oh god, the pain was enough that I was taking co codamol, transanemic acid and mefanimic acid all to control it. Now Im on a very strong pill and, luckily, haven’t had many side effects. However I came on two days ago and am struggling: headache, lethargic and just wanting to curl on the sofa. Im lucky mine last 7 days only with the pill but still really sucks.

    Proud of you for talking about it so openly. Its not spoken about enough!

    • Chloe
      10th March 2020 / 7:56 am

      It’s awful, isn’t it? The things we women have to go through is ridiculous! It’s those awful side effects of a period that I can’t really cope with! xx

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