5 Ways To Improve Your Home*

You spend most of your time in your home as well as a good chunk of your income on paying for it, so it makes sense that you will want it to be in the best condition that it can possibly be. You want to enjoy your time at home and be able to relax there. This is why today we are sharing with you 5 ways to improve your home, giving you several options for projects that you could undertake to make it more comfortable for you or to boost its value. 

Pay attention to the kerb appeal

It is worth taking the time to view your house from the outside. We rarely do this as we tend to pull up at our homes and go straight inside, keen to settle in for the evening. Try to look at it through fresh eyes and be honest with yourself about how appealing it looks from the outside.

There is an argument for not worrying about its appearance as after all you spend your time inside looking out, not the other way around, but kerb appeal really can boost your property value and saleability so it is worth spending a little time looking at it.

There are several ways that you can improve your home’s kerb appeal. It might need tidying up, so you might need to sweep up leaves and litter, remove overgrown plants and give the fence a lick of paint. You could add plants and shrubs or ornaments and signage to pretty it up, or you might choose to replace your driveway.

If you are struggling for inspiration, take a look at the other houses on your street. You will probably be able to pick out the things that you do and don’t like by looking at other properties. 

Extend your home

Extending your home will give you extra space and it will normally increase its value. If you feel that you would benefit from more room, or you have outside space just begging to be used, then this might be a project for you.

Have a think about what extra space would be most useful to you. It might be that you would like an extra bedroom, or perhaps a new bathroom. Large family kitchen, dining, living spaces are becoming increasingly popular, so it might be that by extending into your back garden you could create a stunning new room that you will enjoy spending your time in. 

It is worth getting quotes from several builders so that you can be confident in the one that you choose. Remember that you can buy your construction products online which might prove to be more cost-effective and efficient. 

Make the most of your garden

Unless you are particularly green-fingered, the garden is usually the last ‘room’ to get attention in your home. If you do view it as an extra room, it does help you to see its possibilities. 

Your garden can be whatever you want it to be. You could choose to fill most of the space with an outbuilding for extra storage or as a home office for you. You might want to use it as an entertaining space and put in an outdoor bar, barbecue and hot tub. It might need to be family-friendly, so you could have toys, swings and slides out there. You could make it into a vegetable garden with chickens enabling you to be a little self-sufficient. Or of course, it can be a pretty space filled with plants and flowers, attracting wildlife with its beautiful scents and colours throughout the seasons. 

It is worth taking the time to think about how you would ideally want to use the space that you have, and you can then take it on as a project ideally throughout the mild months of the year. 

Invest in its maintenance

You will want to look after the structure of your property to ensure that it remains in good condition, so you will need to invest in its maintenance. You might find that it needs repointing, it requires a new flat roof, or perhaps it needs a damp proof course. 

There is often a benefit in replacing old windows and doors as they should improve your home’s insulation. This, in turn, should bring down your energy bills in due course. By having the latest doors and windows fitted you will also know that they comply with current regulations making them both safe and secure. 

Ensure that you are aware of your home’s boundaries and that you take care of any fencing that is your responsibility. Trees on your property should also be tended to ensure that they cannot cause any damage to nearby homes. 

Investing in your home’s maintenance rarely brings exciting new room transformations or pretty new looks, but it is a vital expenditure. It is handy to get to know one or two tradesmen in your area that you know you can trust to call upon to assess potential issues and give your quotes for work. 

Change your furnishings

When you first move it can be fun furnishing your new home. You will have probably spent ages choosing the right sofa, dining table and bedroom furniture and it was fun choosing it all. But when was the last time that you freshened things up?

Whilst it is not likely to add value to your home, changing your furnishings can help you to fall back in love with your home again as you give it a new lease of life.

You might choose to give one of your rooms a makeover and completely change its look and feel. You could buy new furniture and flooring and redecorate, and the best thing about projects like this is that you can normally get it all done from start to finish within a couple of weeks. 

Alternatively, move the furniture that you already have around. This option will cost you nothing, but by rearranging everything you will still feel as though you are in a different space. 


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