Home Interior Goals for 2019

I cannot believe how long this year has felt already! I know that many people set their goals at the beginning of the year, and I may be a little late to the “2019 goals” hype, but better late than never, right?

If you didn’t know already, my boyfriend and I purchased our first house in August last year and have been trying to make it a home ever since! We jumped at the chance to buy it as soon as we could, which means we didn’t get a survey carried out or have much of a look at any cosmetical problems. There is nothing physically wrong with the house, apart from the underfloor heating not working (which has only just been fixed), but just scuffs, a poorly installed kitchen, gross coloured carpets and things like that.

I know this is our first home, so I don’t want to look at doing too much to it, but I just want it to look a little more aseptically pleasing. Even though money is always tight (who knew owning a home would cost so much?!), I have put together a list of some home improvements I want to make this year.

The Bedroom

I love our bedroom, but it also annoys me as there are scuffs on the wall, I don’t like the carpet, and it is very plain. Also, not to sound super anal, but the colours of the doors drive me mad. Unfortunately, I love modern decor with clean lines, greys and geometric patterns, and this room has none of that. I have tried to work with what we have, but the off-white walls, brown carpet and wooden doors just annoy me!

Unfortunately, this room barely gets any light, so the colours in this room will have to stay light. In an ideal world, I would love navy geometric wallpaper on the feature wall, light grey paint on the others, a laminate floor, light grey, and the soft furnishings in a mix of navy and mustard.

This is the room I want to focus on first, so we will hopefully be able to decorate this room in the next couple of months.

The Kitchen

I actually love the vibe of this room, but it just needs tidying up a little. Much to my initial demise, my boyfriend loves lime green, so he wanted to incorporate it into at least one room of our new home. We decided that adding a splash of colour into this room would maybe work well, I hate to admit it, but I actually love the touch of lime green in this room.

As I mentioned above, this room just needs tidying up a little as there are a few parts which weren’t done so well. For example, the vinyl covering is peeling off in certain places, the sink is really scratched, there are marks on the cupboard doors and a few chips in the flooring.

The Bathroom

I really don’t like this room, just because it is all completely white and hasn’t been looked after very well. I have tried to ‘jazz’ up this room by adding a splash of mustard, but it still annoys me! In an ideal world, I would love to re-tile it with some grey tiles and also swap out the lino floor for tiles, and install a new shower and get a shower screen instead of a shower curtain.

Downstairs Toilet

Much like the bathroom, this room is incredibly basic and needs a bit of TLC. The previous owners left rust marks on the floor, installed a weird cupboard and even some creepy coathangers. I would like to replace the floor with tiles, replace the cupboard with some shelves and just brighten it up a little.

Living Room

This is one of my favourite rooms in the house and the one we have put the most effort into so far. When we arrived, the fireplace surround was actually painted bright turquoise, so I painted over that immediately with some grey chalk paint.

The only thing I would like to change in this room are the doors, floors and shelving unit. I would like to replace all of the doors in the house to white instead of their current wood colour. I would also like to have laminate flooring in the living room, just to brighten it up a little as this room stays dark for the majority of the day; I will probably opt for a light-grey, wood effect floor. Once the laminate flooring is done, I would then be able to buy a lovely rug which I think would finish off the room.

The shelving unit we purchased secondhand and decided to add a bit of duck egg blue chalk paint, but I want to repaint the whole thing grey. There is also a weird shelving unit which runs along the feature wall, but I would just like this replaced as it hasn’t been put up very well.


We are very lucky with the size of our garden, and it is one of the biggest on our estate. The previous owners did an incredible job here by building the pond and sheltered area. There isn’t a whole lot we need to do to the garden, and it only needs to be tidied up.

However, we have a small piece of land which isn’t being used, so we would like to extend the decking there, as this is the part of the garden which gets the last bit of sun in the summer. Additionally, I don’t really like the plastic roof behind the shed as I think it looks a little tatty and I’m not sure what I want to do with this yet.

All of these home improvements completely depend on how much money we have to spend, but I am lucky enough to have a dad who is a builder so he can hopefully help us and we would be able to save some money there.

If anyone knows of any cost-effective ways of decorating a home or have any suggestions for the rooms mentioned above, please leave a comment below. Once I get started, I will definitely keep you updated, probably through my Instagram and a blog post or two!


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