Steps To Decluttering Your Home The KonMari Way*

If you’re not someone that watches Netflix or is active on social media, then you might not have heard about the wonder that is Marie Kondo. She is a Japanese professional lifestyle organiser and master of decluttering. And at a time when many people are looking to simplify their lives and live on less, it is easy to see why her show and her books have been really popular lately, as many embrace the ‘KonMari Method’.

The trick to it all is only keeping things that help to ‘spark joy,’ or in other words, keep the things that make you feel happy. If something that you have in your home doesn’t spark joy, then the thought behind getting rid of it (or giving it away and selling it), means that it can then give someone else joy. So if this sounds like something you’d be interested in, especially as the colder weather is coming, along with things like Christmas (yes, I said it), then having a declutter can be a really good idea. So here are some of the things that you can do to apply the technique, to leave things in your home that bring you joy.

Have an end goal

In one of Kondo’s books, she talks about having a clear goal of what you want your home to look like after all of this. Do you want minimalism, with barely anything on the shelves? Or so you want more of a cosy look to the home, with just less junk, and only using things that you will really need and actually use? So start off your decluttering with a plan, and then you’ll know what to do to get there.

Look into better storage solutions

Some of the time, it can feel like there is a lot of junk in the house, simply because there is just a lot of stuff and it is all on display. Even if you use these things regularly, it can be hard for them to ‘spark joy’ if you just feel like they are taking over the house. So looking for better ways to store things can be a good idea. How about getting in-built storage for under the stairs, for example? How about looking into local self storage while you decide what you want to do with all of your things? Even just getting more shelving or stacking storage can be a good idea, as things can be better organised and arranged.

Create zen space

There is something about having your home helping to spark joy, as well as the items that are in. So think about where you could create a little corner of zen just for you. It could even be a whole room, like your bedroom or your kitchen perhaps. It just needs to be a space that brings you joy and allows you to be calm and happy when in that room; an escape if you will. When you’re calm and happy, you’ll be healthier and more energised. 


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