What Does Your Perfect Kitchen Look Like?*

Whenever we consider renovating or redesigning our home, it’s not hard for us to feel as though we need to perfect whatever is suggested to us in a magazine or showroom. Of course, looking at these displays for inspiration and certain tips can be important, but many people take the design offerings quite literally, and that can be a problem.

After all, if we hope to design part of our home in a custom manner, it’s important to note what purpose we’re doing it for. Odds are, it’s for the purpose of use we intend to apply to our time within it, and this goes double for rooms that serve as functional hubs. There’s perhaps no room that can be defined as strongly by these metrics than the heart of your home, the kitchen.

In this post, we hope to explore what a perfect kitchen may look like for you, giving you a few parameters by which you may want to judge and further assess your approach going forward. We hope you come away with nothing but the best result:

Your Uses

It’s important to consider how you’ll be using this kitchen first of all, as what may work for one person may not work well for another. Your uses are important to factor in because this can prevent you from stocking your kitchen with unnecessary or expensive-to-maintain items. For instance, if you enjoy meal prep then it can be purchasing a larger freezer is important for you, but should you need to keep said freezer in the kitchen when a larger, out of the way unit could easily be stored in the garage and save you space here? It’s worth asking those kinds of questions because they will more reliably help you stay on top of your personal needs.

Also, what kind of foods do you enjoy grappling within your kitchen space? If you enjoy curing meats then having your own well-ventilated room could be a great idea for the drying and salting of future charcuterie, and so renovating a utility room off your kitchen for this purpose could be a great idea. If into baking then those appliances may be found populated throughout the space, as well as shelves holding mason jars of raw ingredients like flour, which you can then turn into a lovely vintage design ideal. A kitchen is somewhat useless if you do not use it, and so it’s best to consider how you’ll likely to use your time in this space, to begin with.

Sustainable Theming & Design

Classic kitchens do have something over modern designs, and that’s the fact that they not only fit well within period or rustic properties, but they are crafted from sustainable and reliable materials. Heavy thick inlaid woods being used for your countertop or kitchen table, beautiful faux-ivory hand grapples for your cupboards, or simple things such as beautiful wooden shelving can add a handmade and period feel to your gorgeous property allowances, and that in itself can be a wonderful thing to make use of. 

Additionally, classic kitchens can, for the most part,  easily be repainted, which is not a considering you can easily take care of if using ultra-modern materials. Sustainable theming and design is often a matter of your own taste and how the kitchen aesthetic will fit in for the rest of the property. Provided you feel comfortable and happy within the space, odds are you’re in the right regardless.

The good thing about choosing your kitchen from places such as Sanctuary Kitchens and Bathrooms is that you get so much control over the design. When you picture your perfect kitchen, do you picture a kitchen island and wine fridge, or do you picture a walk-in pantry? The best thing about this question is that you don’t have to choose. Your kitchen, your way, is the way it goes. You get to have your perfect kitchen when you bring someone in to help you design it. You want this to be a space in which you feel happy to relax. After all, the kitchen is the hub of the home.

The Time You Spend

Think of the time you spend in that kitchen, to begin with. After all, your kitchen is not just a place where you’ll spend hours cooking foods for your family. It can be a communal area if you arrange the seating correctly or allow ample space for people to sit and speak. The time you spend here could be aided by the humble placement of a television or relatively well-positioned speakers to give you that toe-tapping soundtrack as you create pulled pork for the evening.

Additionally, scented candles, decorations, footstools for your children to help you mix flour for your baking efforts, or simple purchases, like a wire open chicken holder for your free-range eggs can all contribute to a warm and loving atmosphere. Here, you’ll be tempted to spend even more time within your kitchen space, and we couldn’t blame you for an instant.

With this advice, we hope you can continually find just what your perfect kitchen looks like.

This post is a collaboration where money or goods were exchanged for it to be published; however, all opinions are my own.

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