I turned 25 in October 2017, I have started to reflect on some of the things which have happened to me during my life. I know that there are millions of posts out there like this one, but I thought I would do my own.

We often spend most of our teenage years wishing to be older as we think that will solve the majority of our problems, but it doesn’t seem to be that way at all. Just think about all those important milestones which are already behind you already like taking your first steps, saying your first words, your first day at school etc. then you’re suddenly a quarter of a century old and are wondering how you got here and what you are doing with your life…

I don’t want to sound negative or scare people who are coming up to 25, but the reality is, is that it makes you question the majority of your life decisions and how you ended up in this very spot. However, I still feel like I have learnt a lot, so I thought I would share some of the lessons I have learned so far.

1- Save Your Money

One thing I wished I did is save a lot more, or at all! As soon as started working at age 14/15, I did not save a penny, and only until the beginning of this year, I decided to actually sort my life out and have any sort of savings account. Even if you put £10 back a month, it is still something!

2- Your Parents are Always Right (Usually)

I couldn’t even tell you how many times I ignored what my parents said when I was younger after them giving me advice – and about 99% it came back and bit me in the arse!

3- Don’t Pretend to be Someone Else

I think it is really important that you are completely yourself, there is no point in pretending to be something you’re not. Most of my family would call me blunt, selfish, short-tempered, but unfortunately, that is just me – and I don’t reckon they would want me any other way!

4- Bad Days Don’t Last Forever

Bad days probably happen more times than good, but it is essential to remember that a bad day doesn’t mean a bad week. Take some time to yourself and reflect then forget it!

5- Love What You Do for A Living

I could not stress the importance of this point. Don’t stay in a job you don’t enjoy and that you hate waking up for every morning. If you stay in a job that you don’t enjoy it will affect you mentally!

6- Don’t Do Something You Don’t Want to Do

I know a lot of people who will just do something which they don’t particularly want to do because they are worried about what people will think. However, I will make it very clear that I don’t want to do something if it is not my thing or a don’t feel comfortable doing so.

7- Making Mistakes is Okay

I couldn’t even count the number of mistakes I have made, but they are what have made me, me. Making a mistake doesn’t mean the end of the world, and if you can’t fix it just let it go.

8- Appreciate the People Around You

The people around you and who have you supported you through the hard times should be the most important to you. If your family, friends and your partner go the extra mile for you, then give them something back now and again just to let them know how much you do appreciate them.

9- It’s Okay if not Everyone is Your Friend

Some people just won’t like you (FACT), but that is okay. Your life goal shouldn’t be to please everyone, and if someone doesn’t like you, then let them – you don’t need those sort of people in your life anyway.

10- Staying in is Great

Staying in on the weekend is probably one of my favourite things. Sometimes you just need some time to yourself. Grab your favourite bottle of vino and some snacks and put on a good film!

11- Self-care is Essential

Self-care is essential, not just for your physical health but your mental health too. Be sure to take a couple of hours a week for yourself. This can help with your mental and emotional health. Relax in the bath, pop on a face mask and just chill out.

12- Your Parents Won’t Be Around Forever

It isn’t like my parents are old, but as you get older so do they. My parents aren’t together anymore, so it always hard to find time to see them both. However, it is important to make time for them, whether you are just popping in for a coffee or calling them for a chat.

13- Having the Last Word Isn’t Important

I remember being an angsty teenager and arguing with everyone wherever possible. However, having the last word is not important at all; if you are right, just move on and be the bigger person.

14- Life Plans Rarely Work Out

If I look back to ten years ago, I definitely thought that I would be married, have my own house and a child by now, but things don’t always work out the way you think they would. However, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as you can spend your life trying to go with a plan or you can just go with the flow instead. By doing this, you end up appreciating everything around you instead of missing opportunities because “they aren’t part of your plan”.

15- Forgiveness isn’t Weakness

I used to hold grudges all of the time and despise the people who have hurt me in the slightest of ways. However, you should never let your anger hold you back. When you choose not to forgive and hold onto feelings of anger, jealousy, and resentment, you can end up remaining in a negative state of living. Just forgive and forget.

Do you have any advice you want to share? Let me know in the comments below!