7 Things You May Not Know About me

I love these types of blog posts, usually because I can be a nosey bitch, but I love finding out more about people. Not sure how many people need to know, but I thought I would let anyone reading this know some of my deepest secrets. However, the problem I have is that I am known to be an oversharer, so you might already know half of the things I have written below!

I am obsessed with the paranormal

I have always had an interest in ghosts and anything paranormal ever since I was younger. I have been to a few ghost hunt events, have an ouija board and love watching shows like Ghost Adventures. I am not 100% sure how this obsession started, but I find it all so interesting and would love to go to more events in the future.

I am a fussy eater

I have been a vegetarian for over 13 years, but I am incredibly fussy when it comes to food. I don’t enjoy eating fruit or vegetables, so that is always a problem when we try to go out for dinner. I won’t eat meat, 90% of vegetables any weird cheese; literally eat a lot of carbs and processed food.

I met my boyfriend on Plenty of Fish

At the time, I was working two jobs which meant I had no time to socialise or meet anyone. After going on a lot of dates with a lot of weirdos, until I finally met James. We have been together nearly 7-years, and this was before the days of Tinder and sliding into peoples DM’s.

I am a Scorpio and believe heavily in horoscopes

I am all for horoscopes and find them really fascinating. I definitely feel like my personality is exactly like a Scorpio.

Music is my obsession

I couldn’t go a whole day without listening to music, and even though I know my music taste is pretty different, I love it. Blink 182 and Our Last Night are my favourite bands, but you always catch my listening to any pop-punk, rock, rap, hip-hop; my music taste varies.

I have two tattoos and six piercings

I have a tattoo on my ribs which says ‘The past is only the future with the lights on’, which is from a +44 song (Baby Come On), and the one on my shoulder says ‘Tomorrow holds such better days’ which is from a Blink 182 song (Adam’s Song). I have my nose pierced and have five piercings in my ears.

I Like to Draw

It is isn’t like I am very good, but I really like to draw. My dad and sister are incredibly talented when it comes to painting and drawing, but me, not so much! I do try though and like to use it as a way to relax.

So there you have it, seven things you may not have actually known about me; these might not be very interesting, but to be honest, I am not a very interesting person!


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