How Christmas Changes When Your Parents are Divorced

If anyone knows me, they will know that I completely love Christmas time, and this is mainly due to reminiscing about the wonderful Christmas memories I have from when I was younger. I am a massive believer that this time of year you should be about spending time with your family and friends, and as you get older life tends to get in the way!

When I was younger my December’s were filled with happy memories and excitement to the big day, dancing around the kitchen to Xmas music, decorating the whole house, visiting family who live elsewhere and spending the evening sitting by the fire watching festive films with my parents and my siblings. As my sister is 7-years younger than me, it was so nice to keep that magic of Christmas alive until she old enough not to believe in Santa anymore (I always tell her that she has ruined Christmas forever). Even though I probably spent most of Christmas being a brat and probably crying because things didn’t go my way, they are my fondest memories as that was when my family was, well, still a family and all together.

Even though I am 26, my parents got divorced about 6-years ago now and even though I am older, Christmas has never been quite the same. I really don’t think people realise the effects divorce has on a family during the festive period; it is weird, uneasy and always leaves me thinking something or maybe someone is missing.

Even though I live with my boyfriend, he spends Christmas day with his family, and even though I am always invited, it is just different from what I am used to. Of course, spending Christmas at my mum’s house is lovely, but it is different as it is usually just me, her and my younger sister as my older brother is currently travelling around Austrailia. The house feels empty, and it is really weird. My dad spends Christmas with his partner, so I don’t tend to see him til Boxing Day or some other time.

As this will be our first Christmas owning a home, I feel stuck on what to do! Do I go to my mum’s house? Do I invite them over to me? Do I join in the celebrations at my boyfriend’s parents house? Or just spend Christmas on my own?

I think things will change once I have my own family, but for now, I feel stuck in limbo, not knowing what to do. Even though I am older, my parents being divorced does hit me pretty hard during this time of year. I always want to make everyone around me has the best time possible, but I get so confused on what to do or how I should feel during Christmas time.

I know that this is a bit of a personal blog post, but I think that divorce affects you no matter your age. Does anyone else feel this way, or has the same tough time during Christmas time? Please let me know in the comments below!


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