4 Things I Need To Improve By The End Of 2019

I can’t believe that it is August already, this year has actually flown by already. I love it when summer starts to wind down as I adore the colder months, especially autumn! I have had a pretty chilled weekend (every weekend has been relaxed since we have had Luna), and it has given me a chance to think about what I want to do before the end of 2019. Even though there are only five months yet, I feel like there is still enough time to make a few changes.

After a think in the shower, I thought I would try and set myself some goals as I have been in a little bit of a weird place the last few weeks, I want to try and pick myself up and make some positive changes, so here we go!


If you have been following my blog for a little while, you will understand my horrendous habit of not sticking to my diet and then complaining that I have put on weight. This has led to me putting on a stone, but I have decided to try again and have been so good this week. I have eaten clean, got my steps in and have just had a better attitude towards what I am eating. I have had so much more energy and have just felt so much better about myself; I have even refused to weigh myself as I get so obsessed about numbers. I think this is a good and positive way for me to lose weight! I want to continue feeling this great, so I am not going to weigh myself until the end of August, and really try to stick to the diet this time (pray for me xoxo).


My hair has become the bane of my life. I have not had it cut for nearly three years now, and it is out of control. With it now being down to my bum, it is just not cute any more; I can only wash it once a week as it takes so long to wash and dry and I am SO over it now. Being nearly 27, I think it is time to have the chop and try something new, so I want to have a big change in the next month or so. Originally, I wanted it cut pretty short, but I think I will have to have it done gradually as I might regret it. I have dyed it black previously, and I want to keep it dark, but maybe with some lighter tones put through it? My number one problem is finding a hairdresser I trust, so if anyone could recommend a great hairdresser in North Devon, leave a comment below!


At the beginning of 2019, I made a list of everything I wanted to do to the house, and we have done absolutely nothing! My goals may have been a bit too high, and we have just been too bust to commit to anything! However, now we have a puppy, I really want to get rid of the carpet and replace it with a light-coloured laminate flooring. As I have mentioned previously, the lounge is super dark, so I think it would be great to get light/grey oak-style flooring and get a beautiful rug to finish the room off. I am hoping we can get this done in August, but we will see!

Self Care

One thing I don’t do enough of is self-care, and I feel like implementing this into my daily routine would do wonders for my mood. A bath, face mask and even maybe a spot of yoga to help relax my mind. I always feel completely flat-out, and I end up feeling incredibly run-down, and this goes on to affect my whole vibe and mood. I want to take some time each day to just relax and reflect on the day I have had instead of just going at a million miles an hour all of the time.

I am feeling good about the rest of the year; Luna will be able to go on a proper walk next week, autumn is coming, I am going to visit my Grandma, and we have a week off of work together. With autumn on the way and my birthday in a couple of months, I am looking forward to a happier and healthier half of the year!

I just wanted to get some of my thoughts out, as it has been a weird couple of weeks! I am hoping to keep this lovely positive mood for as long as I can; I am ready to smash it!


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