Meeting Up With The Girls*

Catching up with your friends is the kind of thing that’s easy to do when you’re in school, but once you enter adult life, it’s a different kettle of fish. We are all torn apart by the hectic pace of our everyday responsibilities. It’s difficult to make time for friends and to keep track of their lives. 

Of course, you can rely on Facebook updates and Whatsapp group chat to keep in touch, but it doesn’t replace face-to-face conversations. Nurturing friendships when life gets in the way is tricky. But it’s not impossible. You need to make it your priority to schedule some well-deserved time with your friends. Ultimately, friends who catch up regularly are more likely to stay friends! 

So, how can you throw a catch up party to get hold of your best friends? The answer is that it’s something you can introduce as a group idea. Everyone needs to be ready to make time for each other. But when you can find a date and place that suit everyone, you’re guaranteed to have a fantastic girls’ day!

Book a weekend away together 

When was the last time you’ve seen your best friends? If you don’t think that a quick chat over a cup of coffee is going to help, why not suggest a weekend getaway for you and the girls? It’s the perfect occasion to indulge in a spa hotel or spend time in a beautiful British region. The New Forest is ideal for London-based friends and has plenty of nature-bonding entertainment for everyone. You can take a horse-riding lesson together before heading to one of the many local restaurants, for instance. If you prefer a cosiest weekend, head to The Cotswolds where you can eat Michelin-star food in breathtaking postcard-perfect villages. You’ll appreciate the time spent together even more! 

Plan a meeting in town

Admittedly, not everyone has time to spend a weekend away. But you could plan a day in town together. Meet up for brunch – you can find the best bottomless brunch in Manchester just here, for instance – and have a casual chat about life, nothing and everything while you enjoy a boozy cocktail with your eggs Benedict. And why not conclude the glorious day with a shopping trip to some of the best boutiques in town? It’s a lovely way of keeping up to date and relaxing in a short time. 

Invite everybody at home

If you want to invite everybody at home for a simple snack and a casual chat, now’s the best time to showcase your decorating and baking skills. Give your lounge a quick makeover to impress your guests. You don’t need to go overboard with your decor. But a few stylish touches and accents here and there can go a long way and make everybody feel at home. You can also give your furniture a fresh coat of paint – chalk paint dries in minutes and gives a beautiful finish. Finally, get everybody excited with a simple tin cake and a fresh pot of tea. You don’t need much to entertain! 

Keeping In touch with your friends is hard work when life gets in the way! That’s why it’s important to make time for each other and plan meetups regularly. If you want to share some special time with your besties, a weekend getaway or an indulgent brunch in town is a great idea! Alternatively, you can reconnect with long-lost friends over a casual cup of tea and a slice of cake at home. 


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