My Favourite Interior Design Trends*

If you have been following my Instagram, you will know that I have been spending some time decorating over the last couple of weekends. As I mentioned on my blog before, I have a HUGE passion for interior design; and I’m sure that if I could have happily pursued a career in this type of work.

As you may already know, our house is not a new build, but it was built over ten years ago; this means that it has a little bit of a quirky layout when compared to the new builds you see today. We have lived here just over a year now, and we have actually tried our best to bring the whole space into a more modern vibe.

I have put together a list of my favourite interior trends that I have seen recently and that I wanted to share.

Neutral Tones

So I am a huge fan of neutral tones such as grey and white, and if I had it my way, the whole house would look like this. However, I think these types of tones work in any style of home. These colours have little saturation, so they can make the perfect background for a calming space such as a bedroom or lounge. They also can help brighten up dark rooms which lack natural light; this is why we painted over the off-white throughout our whole house in the brightest white we could find.

Plants & Flowers

Before we got out home, I did not care for plants or flowers at all. However, although I struggle to keep the real things alive, in my opinion, the artificial ones look just as good! I think incorporating plants and flowers into any room can bring the whole space to life. Granted that 90% of the greenery in my home is fake, it stills adds a pop of colour and brightness to the rooms which comprise of muted tones.


Another love of mine is geometric patterns as they can add a whole different vibe to a room in a subtle way. Adding these patterns through soft furnishings and wallpaper can be incredibly soothing on the eye as they often reflect the sense of order. Overall this form of expression through the choice of pattern and colour should be used carefully not to overstimulate the senses.

Outdoor Space

You never see that much about styling the outside of your home, and this is something I have been recently thinking about. We have the most beautiful garden that needs a good tidy up before summer comes around. As we live in a terrace house with not much space around the front, I think it is super important to make sure the outside of your home looks presentable as possible. By simply adding some greenery outside your front door or a statement outdoor light can make a world of difference.

Aluminium windows can make the outside and the interior of your home look clean and modern, whilst incorporating natural light within your home. I love the clean finish of these particular type of windows, and are ones I would consider installing! Having beautiful windows can massively improve the look of the outside and inside of your home, so it is worth keeping these in tip-top shape.

What are your favourite interior trends? Let me know in the comments below!

This post is a collaboration where money or goods were exchanged for it to be published; however, all opinions are my own.

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