Nearly Six Years Together

We should all know by now that I enjoy oversharing on my blog, but one thing I do like to keep private is my relationship. I am definitely not one of those people who share every intimate detail on Facebook; he just pops up on my Instagram occasionally.

With that being said, I think it is so weird how we have been together nearly six years and time really has flown by. So, for those who want to know a little bit more about our relationship or want to know what the real struggles are, I thought I would cover it in my new blog post.

As I mentioned above, we have been together nearly six years, and we actually met on Plenty of Fish (cringe); I was on this because I was working two jobs and just didn’t have the time to meet someone. We chatted on Facebook for a few months before we actually met for the first time.

After being royally fucked over by every other guy I have ‘dated’, I had almost given up. I always seemed to fall for the same fuckboy who would not put any effort in, and I just had enough.

James was such a breath of fresh air, he was interested in everything I had to say, and I could just tell he was completely different from my usual ‘type’. For our first date, and first time meeting, we decided to go ice skating in Plymouth, he picked me up, and we could chat pretty easily. We went ice skating, I fell over and then was annoyed because I knew he mentioned something about getting food, but we just went home. I really liked him after we first met, but I really didn’t think he was feeling the vibe as he parred me off a couple of times when we arranged to meet again.

Once we finally had our second date, where he took me to a driving range, I felt a little more reassured that this might actually go somewhere; it is so funny to look back on this now. Anyway, to cut a long story short, we finally became official after months of talking and a few times meeting up. If you know both of us, you will know we have completely different personalities, but it somehow works really well. He is super chill, sweet and kind and I’m basically a psycho.

We have been through a lot during our time together, nothing too dramatic, apart from when he lost my handbag, and I was kicking off threatening to kill him… but, we have never really had a huge argument or done anything to hurt each other, we just bicker now and again.

This all may sound sweet, but it hasn’t been easy for us, especially with things which have happened in my personal life, but he has always been there for me 100%. When I’m feeling down, he brings my dinner to me in bed; he makes coffees, helps with the housework and is just an awesome person.

It is so nice to see where our relationship has gone over the last couple of years, especially as we now own a home. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for both of us!

I wanted to write this because we can often forget about the little things we do for each other and how it all began. Things can get hard, especially when life throws you curveballs, but when you know you have the most awesome person by your side, nothing else really matters. I do wonder how he has managed to put up with me for so long!

Relationships are never easy, as I feel like you either grow together or grow apart; we have definitely grown together. He has chilled me out, and I have given him some balls, we now have the same music taste after forcing him to listen to endless hours of pop-punk, and I even got him into horror films; I just think we work well together in some weird way!

Anyway, here is, hopefully, to another six years!


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  1. 6th June 2019 / 5:21 pm

    Nice view from The Pier House 🙂

    Congrats on 6 years, hope the next 6 years goes just as well

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