Overwhelmed & Oversharing

The main reason I love having a blog is so that I can express my emotions; I feel like it can often be more like a diary than a blog especially as I am not reviewing the latest makeup and other generic stuff. I love this to be a place where I can express myself and be somewhere I can put all of my thoughts as it can often feel incredibly relieving.

If you have read a couple of my previous posts, you will have seen that I have mentioned that I have not been feeling myself recently. I can’t really explain why I have felt like this, but I am feeling very overwhelmed with life in general. I feel like no matter how hard I work at things I just don’t seem to get anywhere. Feeling like life is heavy is not something I would wish on anyone, and I would love to know why I can’t snap out of this mood I have been in for a few weeks.

I can’t concentrate, I cry, and I just want to hide from the world even though I am feeling incredibly lonely. It is hard to explain to everyone why I feel this way as nothing has triggered it. On paper, my life is great. I have a wonderful boyfriend, a good job, a house and now a puppy; but something seems to be stopping me from feeling happy?

This overwhelming feeling is horrible, and it is making me feel constantly exhausted, especially as I don’t know why I feel this way. What makes it worse, is I have a weird way of dealing with my emotions, I just like to be on my own and, of course, this doesn’t really help matters.

After a few days off of work to collect my thoughts, I did feel better and felt like I had time to catch my breath. I would say I am now feeling okay, not great, but I will be fine.

Life can be incredibly difficult, and sometimes you just need a moment to catch your breath even if it just for a moment. I don’t want to label how I feel, as I have never really had a problem with mental health before or have felt the need to seek help. I have always figured that one day I will just snap out of it.

I started writing this blog post at the beginning of August, hoping that I would feel somewhat better. However, that overwhelming feeling has come back with a vengeance; I even finished this blog post with a paragraph on how I am feeling much better, but that is just not the case anymore. I’m tired of being tired and am feeling mentally and physically exhausted; however, things can only get better right?..

I like to use Chloe Talks as a place I can channel my emotions as well as a distraction. It has become less niche and more of a diary for my current thoughts and feelings which I generally love. So, that is it I suppose, I want to focus on the positive and trying to look after myself both physically.

Here’s until next time!


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