Recovering From A Burglary: 5 Steps You Should Take*

A burglary can be a traumatic event. To mitigate the damage afterwards, here are some of the steps you should take to recover. 

Call the police

The first thing you should do after a burglary is notify the police. If you think the burglar is still in your home, ring the police from outside the property. Try not to touch anything that could have been touched by the burglar – while you may have the urge to tidy up any mess, it’s important to preserve evidence until a thorough examination has been carried out. It could be worth staying at a friend or family member’s house while this inspection is carried out. Make sure to give the police any details that you think may help with the investigation.

Notify your insurer

Once you’ve notified the police, you should then notify your home insurer (if you have home insurance). Some insurance companies may require you to notify them of a break-in 48 hours after the incident occurs in order to file an insurance claim. Make sure to give a detailed report of what happened so that you get the right level of compensation. Take pictures of the scene, as an insurer may require these as proof. 

Repair the damage

You should only seek out repairs once your insurer has accepted your claim – if you seek out repairs beforehand you may not be covered. A claim could take several days to several weeks to be accepted. Consequently, you may need to make some temporary repairs such as covering the window with a sheet. When seeking out repairs, shop around for repair services to find the best rates. When replacing broken windows and doors, it could be worth taking the opportunity to upgrade these for more secure options. 

Up your security

If you’ve been a victim of a burglary, there’s a high chance that you may get targeted again. By investing in security measures, you can prevent a repeat burglary. You can hire professional services to provide security at your home for a period afterwards while damage is still being repaired. Once necessary repairs have been made, consider investing in security measures such as installing a burglar alarm, adding security lighting outside and improving locks. It could even be worth arranging a home security audit to work out the areas of your home that you should improve. 

Seek emotional support

Many people can feel emotionally scarred after a burglary. On top of potentially losing property that could have been of sentimental value, you could feel less safe and comfortable in your home. For some people, this can result in depression or anxiety. Consider seeking out counselling if you think the event is having a serious negative impact on your mental health. It’s worth also surrounding yourself with friends and family. If you live alone, you may want to stay with friends and family for a few nights after the incident until you build the confidence to go back home.


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