The Best Cleaning Products Out There?*

Since we moved into our first home last year, I seemed to developed a slight obsession with cleaning. I always want my house to look as presentable as possible, and that can difficult when you have a puppy and a boyfriend who isn’t as fussed as you!

However, with both of us working full-time and generally having no time, we only really manage one big clean a week with a few little top-ups through the week if we have time. As such, our house isn’t as spotless as you may think, but this is generally down to having a puppy and our home being a little older; there a number of marks on the wall from the previous owners that we haven’t managed to sort yet!

I am always on the hunt for the latest cleaning products and tend to have my holy grail selection that I swear by, but I am always looking for something new, and something that actually works. I was contacted by OzKleen to try out some of their products, which should make my cleaning routine much easier!

If you have not heard of them, OzKleen UK has created an eco-friendly, scientifically advanced way of cleaning to help their customers save time, effort and money. 

Their main aim is to keep the planet in mind; this means that all of their products are free from chlorine, ammonia and phosphates and suited to every household job imaginable! What is even more impressive is that their products have been manufactured in facilities powered by solar energy! Each product has been developed using only natural ingredients such as deionised rainwater, which makes OzKleen a safer and more effective option!

Their products include Carpet Power, Grease Power, Mint Kleen, Bath Power, Kitchen Power, Multi Surface Mint, and De-scaler Power.

I have been lucky enough to receive Bath Power, Kitchen Power and Carpet Power to use, so take a look at my thoughts below:

Kitchen Power

So the kitchen is a room that seems to get SO messy and never seems to be in order. I decided to give Kitchen Power a go on my kitchen sink and my grill. First of all, I just want to say this product actually smells insane, and the smell actually lingers for a long time leaving the room smelling fresh! Unfortunately, my kitchen sink looks completely battered (previous owners fault). At first glance, it didn’t look like there was much of a difference, but it actually managed to get a lot of the water spots up! One of the best things was definitely the fact that all I had to do was spray, leave it for 60-seconds and then rinse; no scrubbing!

I also used this on my grill door and just inside. I was sceptical at first as we all know how hard it is to clean an oven/grill. I sprayed it on, left it and gave it a quick wipe, and it all came up! I can’t quite believe that it has worked since I have tried so much to get grease off the door!

Carpet Power

If Luna hadn’t destroyed our lounge carpet, I would have had a lot of stains to try this product on, but we recently laminated it! However, there has been a stain on the carpet in our upstairs hallway for ages; I asked my boyfriend to sort it out months ago…

Again, this product smelled insane and was super easy to use; just spray, work it into the carpet and leave. I did not expect this actually to work, but it has completely removed it! I wish I had this when Luna wasn’t toilet trained, as the product would have been so helpful to clean up after her; it is also ammonia-free, and that is exactly what you need when your dog has an accident!

Bath Power

The bathroom is definitely one of the worst rooms to clean, and is probably the dirtiest! Again, the previous owners left this room in a bit of a state, so it is a working progress! I used Bath Power on the bath/shower, all over the taps and showerhead. Again, this smells so nice and leaves a longlasting scent in the room, which is just what you need for a room like that! You can’t see a whole lot of difference due to the lighting, but this cleared up the bath so nicely! I barely had to scrub anything, just a simple spray, quick wipe and a rinse; it made cleaning this room SO much easier!

I have actually fallen in love with these products, as they make the whole cleaning process so easy and they actually work! The fact they are eco-friendly, smell incredible and can actually take on any tough cleaning job you have will be a godsend Their products start from just £3.80 and are available online or in shops such as  Costco, Wilko, Robert Dyas and Waitrose.

You definitely get your moneys worth from using these products, and the fact that they are eco-friendly as such a bonus; I would definitely recommend these products if you are looking for something that actually works!


This post is a collaboration where money or goods were exchanged for it to be published; however, all opinions are my own.

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