Why I Started My Blog

From many of my posts, you may think I am some sort of tortured soul who is never happy. Although this is half right, it makes for some great blog posts where you can get a little bit of an insight into my mind.

There were a few reasons I did start this blog, and I probably didn’t do it for the right reasons at all. I wanted to make some extra money, but quickly realised it wasn’t as easy as I first thought. I believed that huge companies would be begging to work with me because I am such a catch…(obvs joking).

The reality of blogging is a whole lot of time and patience (two things I don’t really have), and hard work and many people, including myself, didn’t really think about this to begin with. I wouldn’t even consider myself a very good writer in a sense, so I’m not sure how my blog has had any kind of success.

I actually work for a Digital Marketing Agency, where one of my main tasks is to find bloggers to work with, and this is what enticed me to start my own. The reason being, the amount of money they could charge for hosting content on their own website. I did think to myself what an easy way to make some extra money, but then quickly realised it just isn’t that easy.

Many of my first posts started out as generic nonsense, but then I decided to really write down a lot of things that were on my mind, and this is where things got interesting, and I finally found a passion for writing. If you have been following my blog, you will know that I am an ‘oversharer’ and this often leads to rather dark posts when I am feeling at my lowest or soppy posts like the one from a couple of weeks ago. This is the type of content I would read if I saw an old school friend or Facebook friend post it on their newsfeed, and I think people’s curiosity has what has made my blog grow so much over the last couple of months. I like to take an honest approach to my blog, and I think this is why it has worked pretty well so far.

Even though I set out to make hundreds of pounds each month in the form of sponsored/guest posts, this is no longer the case. I feel like my blog has now become my weekly diary, which tends to relieve me of any weight on my mind. There are many blogs where nearly every other post is sponsored (I know that a blog can be someone’s full-time job, so no shade), but this isn’t what I want my blog to become. Of course, there will be times where I will review a product or host a sponsored post, but this will only be for something I genuinely have an interest in. I think it is so easy to lose sight in your passion and get caught up in the thought of turning your blog into a business, and that is completely fine, but I don’t think I want this to me my overall goal.

I find it fascinating that people even want to read my content and even go as far as to share it. I was even surprised when people DM me on Instagram, commenting about a blog I have posted. It is amazing how one little share, like or comment, can really make you feel like your post isn’t a huge flop.

Going forward, I want to carry on writing whatever I like and just roll with it, but if businesses want to work with me, and I have a genuine interest in their products then, of course, I am keen for a collaboration!

It is hard to measure the success of a blog if you aren’t too bothered about making money from it, but I just want to know people are enjoying and reading the content I write and even maybe help someone along the way. If you are thinking about starting a blog, then I would pre-warn you that you will need to stay motivated, have a lot of time and patience!

I would love to know if anyone does enjoy reading my content, or have a favourite blog post? Let me know in the comments below!


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