Booking A Beach Holiday Without Splashing Out*

A holiday by the coast needn’t have to cost a fortune. Here are a few ways to save money on a beach holiday.

Opt for a staycation

You’re never more than three hours away from the coast in the UK. By being able to drive or take a coach to the coast, you can cut out the cost of the having to take a flight. Staying at home also means not having to splash out on currency transfer costs, visas or passports.

Sure, sunny weather isn’t always guaranteed – but there are plenty of ways to enjoy a beach holiday without sunbathing. The UK’s seaside towns have plenty of attractions to choose from including games arcades, seal spotting, crab fishing and surfing. Even if you’d prefer a more laid back holiday, you can still a leisurely walk down the beach or try some of the local coastal pubs and restaurants.

Coastal accommodation in the UK isn’t always expensive either. Even in trendy seaside towns like Bournemouth, you can still find a 4 star hotel at affordable rates. There are also cheaper options to consider such as caravan parks and hostels.

Go abroad out of season

If you’ve got your heart set on going abroad, another option to save costs could be to visit out of season. Summer is peak holiday period across Europe and is when prices of flights, hotels and attractions are at their highest. You’re likely to save huge costs by travelling before June or after August. This is when the demand is reduced and so hotels and airlines offer big discounts to lure in customers.

As with going on holiday in the UK, going out of season does sometimes mean that good weather will be less certain. However, there are still many places in Europe that stay warm throughout Autumn and Spring such as the Canary Islands, Sicily and Cyprus.

Going out of season has other advantages such as not having to deal with the crowds. You should be wary however that some attractions may be shut.

Go abroad to an alternative beach destination

Another way to save money on a beach holiday abroad is to go somewhere off the beaten track. Such destinations aren’t as well-known and often offer better discounts – even in the summer months – in order to attract tourists.

Countries like Bulgaria, Croatia and Tunisia have many beautiful beach resorts but are much cheaper than the likes of Spain, Portugal and Greece because people don’t associate them as beach destinations. That said, even in Spain, Portugal and Greece there are still hidden gems – if you look beyond the famous resorts, you’ll find plenty of cheaper upcoming beach resorts. This does involve doing a lot more research and not being afraid to try somewhere new and untested. 


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