Practical Tips For Visiting Oman*

Oman is one of the most stunning places on the planet. The people are warm and welcoming. You can smell frankincense at all times in the day. The vibrant fabrics and spices billow and blow around in the heat of the say in the souqs. But there are a couple of practical things that you should pay attention to before you pack your bags and jump on the plane.


You probably already know that you need to have your paperwork in order for most countries that you’ll visit. Oman is no exception to the rule. While it is a safe country, you really need to make sure that you have your paperwork in order, copies and give a copy to a mate or your family too. In general, you should have proof of your hotel bookings, travel bookings, Oman evisa, insurances, any bookings you have made for tours or experiences and your passport too. Even a small language barrier can cause confusion. 

Hot, Hot, HOT

Oman is an incredibly sunny country, and that includes the winter too. You are looking at roughly 40 degrees C in the day and 30 at night during the summer and 25 degrees C and 17 at night. There are some areas where it is colder at night, but in general, you should pack light, hydrate all the time and head for the shade in the peak of the day. Humidity is likely to be your biggest issue. If you want to skip the humidity, then Salalah has a monsoon season where the temperatures are more pleasant, and there is plenty of rainfall. 


As an avid traveller, it is very unlikely that you will head to a country with the idea of not respecting their culture. The Omani people are very traditional and respect their culture deeply. In order to uphold that, and have the best time, then you should observe and follow how the local people dress. While you aren’t expected to wear the traditional garb, pay attention to how much skin you are showing and where. 

Food and Drink

Be prepared to be blown away. The Omani cuisine is rich and delicious. You will be immersed in a range of chicken, fish, beef and rice dishes. There are also typically salads, and often you’ll find a Kahwa coffee on the side. The traditional coffee with cardamom is something quite special. You’ll also find a range of fresh juices and soft drinks. It would be best if you remembered that you won’t be able to buy alcohol anywhere apart from international hotels. 


Oman is the perfect place to go if you like an adventure. The different landscapes, the views and the amount of attractions you have access to is something quite unique. From desert safaris to the ancient ruins of Al Hamra, you won’t be hard pushed to find plenty to do. 

Before you head off to this destination, make sure that you check out the lesser-known area of Oman to get a taste of what the typical tourists don’t see. 


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