Easter Gift Guide 2019*

I can’t believe it is nearly Easter, and as I have had so much on during the last couple of months, I have barely given…

How The Contraceptive Implant Nearly Ruined My Life

Dramatic title as always, but it is almost true! If you have been following my blog since the beginning (July 2018), you will realise that…

A Weekend In The Garden

This weekend is the first time probably this year that I haven’t spent it being disgustingly hungover. So, as I have been feeling fresh, I…

An Afternoon In Westward Ho!

I absolutely love going out for food, and this is probably what lead to my increasing weight gain. However, as I am doing pretty well…

Weight Loss: It’s Now or Never

Hi, it’s me again talking about my weight…In all fairness, this is another positive post, like what has happened to me? Over the weekend I…



1   90
3   205
2   151
8   192
5   180