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  • My Favourite Dog-Friendly Locations in North Devon

    Since getting Luna, our lives have changed massively and for the better. However, this also means when it comes to finding something to do at…

    How To Downsize Your Home*

    There can be many advantages to moving to a smaller home. It could mean cheaper living costs, less maintenance and a sense of cosiness if…

    Overwhelmed & Oversharing

    The main reason I love having a blog is so that I can express my emotions; I feel like it can often be more like…

    Should You Get a Puppy if You Work Full-Time?

    Cue the hate… I would like to begin by saying getting a dog whilst you work full-time is not recommended, as you should not leave…

    Top Tips For The New Homeowner*

    Congratulations on your new home! You’ve come out the other side of one of the most stressful things in life that you can go through.…



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