Should You Get a Puppy if You Work Full-Time?

Cue the hate…

I would like to begin by saying getting a dog whilst you work full-time is not recommended, as you should not leave your pup home all day. However, the reason for this post is because my boyfriend and I both work full-time but decided to get a puppy! We do not leave her by herself all day, as we know this is not a responsible thing to do, so I am here to explain how we do it. 

If you missed my last post, we have just got a new puppy, and you can read about it here. The reason for this post is to help educate people to see if this is something they could manage! James and I have full-time jobs, I work 8am – 5pm, and he works 9am – 5pm. I work at a Digital Marketing Agency, and he is a Land Surveyor, and you would think that having a dog would not be a good idea as we just aren’t home during the day.

However, his job allows him to take Luna with him when he is out and about, which means she can always be looked after during the day! We have a huge crate for his work van where she can chill out (he leaves the side door open), and he lets her out regularly to relieve herself and plays with her. Once she is older and is a little better behaved, she will be able to follow him around his jobs when he is out and about.

As we got her in the height of summer, it has been extremely warm, and way too warm to leave her in the crate, so his parents look after her on days like that, as well as when he is in the office!

Deciding whether or not you should get a dog if you work a full-time job is difficult, but you should not get one if you are just going to leave it at home all day! We are very fortunate that James is able to take her with him, and his family are more than happy to pitch in too!

So unless you can take your dog to work with you and they have a comfortable place to hang out (not too small or too hot), and you can rely on your family, friends or even a doggy day-care then it would be doable. However, it shouldn’t be a decision taken lightly, as getting a puppy is a huge commitment! It is difficult when they are so young, as they don’t tend to listen, aren’t toilet trained, but if you give them the time, care and attention they deserve it might be doable.

The problem is that everyone is different and everyone has different priorities, so this could work for some people or could not for others! The fact we both work full-time is what has stopped us from getting a puppy before, but once we worked out a solid plan we could actually commit to, we decided it was the right time!

If you are in a couple and work alternating shifts, or can take your dog to work with you, then it could be doable. I don’t believe that you should have a dog if you are going to leave it at home for more than four hours during the day. However, trying to train a puppy whilst it isn’t in their own home during the day has been rather difficult, but we are managing and putting lots of effort in over the weekend and in the evenings.

My advice would be to only get a puppy if you are going to give it the care, time and attention it deserves; this means not leaving it at home for hours on end. As I said above, we are lucky that this is something we can do and give Luna everything she needs. If you are thinking about getting a puppy, just make sure you understand the responsibility that comes with it, as I can tell you it is bloody hard work!

If you want to see what Luna gets up to, she now has her own special Instagram account which you can follow here.


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