An Afternoon In Westward Ho!

I absolutely love going out for food, and this is probably what lead to my increasing weight gain. However, as I am doing pretty well on my diet I thought that I would join my boyfriends family for a spot of lunch at The Pier House in Westward Ho!.

I have managed to dine at The Pier House a number of times, and it is one of the only places near to me where I can actually find something I like to eat due to my fussiness and being a vegetarian; I even had my birthday dinner here back in October (I was too drunk to remember what anything tasted like though).

The Pier House has one of the most beautiful settings in North Devon with views which stretch out across the sea. Inside you will find a light and modern interior which is also incredibly welcoming. Every time I have visited here before, it always seems super busy which is nice as I would rather eat in a place which has a bit of an atmosphere; and even at lunchtime, it was pretty busy!

As it was lunchtime, I only ordered a sandwich which was egg mayonnaise and watercress; and it was pretty good (as far as sandwiches go). However, everyone on our table had an array of different dishes such as scampi and chips and they all loved it. The service you get here is always great with the staff greeting you with a smile, and I think this is one of the aspects which makes this restaurant so great!

We then went for a little stroll along the seafront and enjoyed a delicious Hockings ice cream which is always delicious. We then went for drinks and the rest of the day is a blur…(standard Chloe).

There is something I really love about Westward Ho! As it has that traditional seaside vibe to it; especially with the arcades, ice cream van and cute restaurants. Places like this really make me appreciate where I live and I love exploring North Devon.

If you are ever in the area or are a local, I would 100% visiting The Pier House and just taking some time to amble through the arcades, it really is a lovely place to visit. Are you a local or have managed to visit Westward Ho! before? Let me know in the comments below!


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