A Weekend In The Garden

This weekend is the first time probably this year that I haven’t spent it being disgustingly hungover. So, as I have been feeling fresh, I have had one of the most productive weekends in such a long time. The weather has been great in North Devon, which means we finally decided to sort out our garden pond.

When we moved in, the previous owners left us with this beautiful pond, filter, pump and everything and we have been trying to figure out how it works ever since. We have purchased goldfish, Koi Carp as well as collected some freebies too, which means we want to create the perfect home for them.


So, this weekend we decided to completely empty the water out and add some bits to make it nicer as well as getting rid of the algae. We spent the whole of Saturday morning pottering through Bideford trying to find pond gravel and pond plants which are actually hard to find. Once we finally found what we needed, we had to empty the water out, catch the fish and put them in our blow up pool. Catching fish is actually really hard and we did our best not to stress them out too much, but I think we managed to do pretty well.

We spent nearly 6-hours sorting this out, emptying the water, catching the fish, cleaning out the pond, putting the gravel down, putting plants in, adding rocks, filling the pond back up and putting the fish back in; which was actually exhausting. Anyway, we managed to finish it with the help of beer and some music. We also created a little fish house, which I thought was a super cute idea.


We spent Sunday morning cleaning the whole house from top to bottom, which makes me super happy knowing everything is as clean as it can be. We then realised we needed more plants as these help oxygenate the water and provides a little bit of shelter for the fish. I really wanted some water lilies, and I could not find any in Bideford at all until I asked on Facebook. The sweetest man said that he can give me some clippings of some lilies and other pond plants, so we popped over to his house. This man was so nice and has the most amazing Koi pond; like these fish were massive and some were 25+ years old! He gave us our plants and then said if we needed any advice or help, he would be more than happy to help!

We popped to the local garden centre and picked up some ceramic pots to plant them in then headed home. For some reason, we thought that putting regular compost in pots which are going in water would be a great idea, and we quickly realised that it defo wasn’t! We filled the pots with gravel and stones and put them in the bottom of the water, so hopefully they will be okay!

People are so nice sometimes, and this gentleman said he would give us these plants for free! I have never felt so productive this weekend after sorting out of the pond, cleaning the house, sorting out my dressing table and wardrobe as well as giving my make-up brushes a well needed clean. I feel like I have barely sat down until I am writing this, but I feel like I am going into the new week in a pretty positive mood!

I must remember to be as productive as possible during my weekends, as I am feeling fresh and happy, as well as realising that there is so much more to life than sitting on Sims 4 in bed all weekend!! This might be a lame post, but I have had such a lovely weekend, so here is to a good week!



  1. Monica
    31st March 2019 / 7:54 pm

    Love this! So glad you had a productive weekend, makes me feel guilty for sitting on my ass 😂 xoxo

    • Chloe
      1st April 2019 / 8:15 am

      It’s amazing what you can achieve when you aren’t suffering from a hangover haha! xo

  2. 1st April 2019 / 7:44 pm

    Hello from Blog Post Vote Up,

    I really enjoyed reading about your time in the garden. It actually brought a smile to my face because I spent a few hours in the garden too. We don’t have a fish pond but we have the thorniest ancient rose tree and my friend was kind enough to help us trim it. We aerated some of our potted plants, just got to trim the garden left. I’m looking for plants that repel insects so that my next thing to hunt around for.

    All the best

    Segilola Salami

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