Five Ways To Make Your House Feel Like A Hotel*

We all love a vacation for making us feel relaxed, but it doesn’t take long for life to pile the stress back on once we arrive home. If real life is taking over too quickly for you, why not bring some of the relaxation home? Add some touches to your home to reflect your favourite hotels, and create that hotel atmosphere at home. 

  1. Fancy up your bathroom. Depending on your budget, you can make a few changes to your bathroom to get that luxe hotel feel. If you have a larger budget to work with, change your bathroom suite for something more luxurious. A glass walk-in shower with a rainfall head and a jacuzzi bath with jets will make you feel like you’re on vacation every day. If your budget is smaller, make small changes. Add a heated towel rail and switch your towels for higher quality, super soft bath sheets. The larger the towel, the nicer it is to use. Add some soft bathrobes, scented candles and quality toiletries, and even without a new suite, your bathroom will feel smart and glamorous.
  2. Decorate your hallway inspired by a hotel lobby. Buy a hall table, and decorate it with some chic pieces that draw the eye as soon as you come in. A trendy lamp, a vase of nice smelling flowers, some trays to contain possessions and keys as you come in or beautiful work all add colour and personality. Hang a mirror above table to bounce light back into the hallway, which makes it feel larger and brighter. Illuminated mirrors are even better for doing this. Add large potted plants by the front door to create interest.
  3. Invest in top quality curtains. Curtains in a luxury fabric with a soft texture instantly make a room feel more expensive. Choose the best quality you can afford and have the drapes made to fit your windows, instead of choosing ready-made. Silk, damasks and linen all make for luxe feeling curtains. In bedrooms, hang blackout curtains to block out the outside light to help you get hotel-quality sleep.
  4. Create a mood with lighting. Invest in an attractive light fitting for your ceiling light fixtures. Use dramatic light shades or a chandelier style fitting to hang on high ceilings, which is a fantastic way to upgrade the look of spaces like over the dining table. Dimmer switches are a good way to adjust the light in a space, whether you’re aiming for light and bright, or more dimly lit and romantic. Use lamps on side tables for softer lighting, especially in more relaxing spaces like the lounge or the bedroom.
  5. Add lots of flowers and greenery wherever you can around the home. Chic hotels are always filled with lots of plants, so do the same thing at home. Plants in pots, small succulents, and cut flowers in vases all bring colour, scent and beauty to your home, upgrading the feel of your home in an easy, budget-friendly way.  

This post is a collaboration where money or goods were exchanged for it to be published, however, all opinions are my own.

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