Furnishing Your New Home

If you didn’t already know, my boyfriend and I have recently purchased our first and we moved in at the beginning of August. The whole process was long-winded and you can read about my experience here.

Anyway, we were living with his parents before, and that meant that we had no furniture except a bed, chest of drawers, TV, dressing table and a TV stand, and it finally dawned us that we had to furnish a whole house! So, along with saving for a deposit and additional fees, we had to think about how much we were going to spend on furniture, so that’s why I thought I would give you some of my tips if anyone is about to buy their first home.

Write Down Everything You Need

Right, I am a massive control freak and live for an Excel spreadsheet (sad I know), so a made a separate sheet for each room, and listed everything I thought we needed. I then found everything I needed online and put a link next to the item and how much it would cost, so I could easily find it when the time came to buy it.


You can get SO carried away when looking for new items for your first home, and also get very overwhelmed. We set a budget of about £2,000 to get everything we needed for the whole house, although we did end up going over that as someone decided they wanted a 50″ curved TV for their “games room”…

Once you have a rough idea of what everything costs you can then decide if you think it is an essential item that you will need straight away. I just like to be organised and this did pay off in the long run.


I have always been a bit dubious about buying secondhand items for our home, only because you don’t know how reliable it is going to be. For example, our fridge, dishwasher and sofas were brand new, but I got really good deals on them all, and let be honest, you don’t know what has gone on, on secondhand sofas.

However, our coffee table, shelf unit and nest tables were all purchased from Facebook Marketplace, and we basically upcycled them all. If you are on a tight budget, there is nothing wrong with getting secondhand items for the meantime, as you can replace them in the future.

Where to Buy

I did the majority of shopping online from places like Argos, Asda, AO and Curry’s as well as Dunelm and Wayfair, only because I found these to be the most reasonably priced. However, everyone is different!

Other Tips

There will always be something you forget, whether that is a tin-opener, corkscrew, baking trays or wine glasses, you know all of the essentials…

I have also found that I never think our home is completely furnished like there are some blank walls which I think needs something on, but you have to stop yourself and see what you can live with before you make any decisions or spend more money.

If you are ordering brand new sofas for your house, try and order them as soon as you can, and find somewhere where you can specify your delivery day. We found ours on Argos and used a code I found online which ended up with us saving about £200, and got them delivered to our old home on the day we were supposed to pick up the keys. Luckily everything went to plan, and our friend who has a van managed to transfer them to our new home on the same day!

My last tip would be to try and take some time off of work after your move-in day. We picked up our keys on a Friday and tried to take as much stuff with us then, and then moved and tried to sort everything else out on the Sunday. So I took the Friday and the Monday off of work, but I just don’t think that was enough, as I spent the next two-weeks absolutely exhausted.

These are just a few tips I have put together as I know that the whole process can be incredibly daunting. If you have any tips you would like to share, please do so in my comments below!


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