Mini Lounge Makeover

One of my passions in life is interior design, and it would ultimately be my dream job if I had the time or energy to pursue it. I have tried to do the best I can with our little house, but often lack of disposable income has really gotten in my way.

I have some great plans to finally do some changes to our house this year, which I think we will end up just doing ourselves with the help from my dad who is a builder as well as other family members; haven’t asked them yet, but if I bribe them with alcohol and laughs, I’m sure they will be keen!

I am probably one of the most impatient people in the whole world, and if I don’t like something, I can quickly convince my other half that we need to go buy or paint something.

I would say that the lounge is probably one of my favourite rooms in the house, and it was when we moved in, but I have recently made some changes which I thought I would share with you; always delivering the quality content!


When we first moved in, there was this ugly brown carpet, which I always despised and the room is just built weird. The previous owners built a fake fireplace/chimney, which I would love if it was actually in the centre of the wall; the fact it isn’t, actually stresses me out so much, but it is something that we will just have to live with for now.

With grey being a staple in any modern home, we went for grey sofas and then a dash of duck egg blue in the furniture we upcycled. However, it only took around a year for me to hate the majority of the things in the room, as well as Luna using much of the furniture when she was teething.


Let’s not forget that this a ‘mini-makeover’, so don’t get too excited. We spent last weekend repainting the furniture, picking up some home decor items from Dunelm; we got rid of the carpet a couple of months ago. I am pretty proud of our painting skills, as well as the fact a lick of paint can actually change the look of a room so much. Of course, I want to paint the walls, replace the wallpaper on the ‘fireplace’ as Luna attacked it. Additionally, I want to change the blinds, get a new curtain pole and replace the door leading into the lounge. So, apart from that, I think we are pretty happy with the space; what do you think?



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