The Importance Of Having A Home Maintenance Routine*

 Whatever type of home you have, whether it’s a cottage in the countryside,  a fancy riverside apartment or a standard semi-detached house in the town, it is essential that you keep up with home maintenance. It is not a job that most of us enjoy doing, and it can sometimes be expensive, but being a homeowner is simply part of that. Here are some reasons why a regular maintenance routine is important.

It saves you money

Home maintenance will cost you money, there is almost no way around that. However, by keeping on top of your home maintenance routine, you will be saving yourself plenty of money in the long run. Let’s take your roof, for example.  Replacing tiles when and when they fall off, or fixing guttering and drainpipes is much cheaper than replacing a whole roof – not to mention the potential damage it can cause when it collapses. If you have a cellar, waterproofing it will keep it dry and accessible for the entire year.    Important maintenance and repairs are essential activities to conduct around your home to prevent costlier fixes or replacements.

Decreases your energy consumption

 Your home will use a lot of energy to keep you warm, happy and cosy. There are ways to reduce the usage and routine maintenance is one of these. Look around your home every so often for signs of cracks or holes that may allow draughts or warm air to go out. Check your appliances to ensure they are in good shape and upgrade them to a more energy-efficient model if you can. If they are in need of repair, can help. This will not only help you do your bit for the environment but will also save you a lot of money on your gas and electric bills.

Increases the value of your home

You may not be planning to sell your house at this very moment, but the chances are that at some point in the future, you will be thinking about selling it.  Your home is probably going to be one of the most notable investments you are ever going to make, so don’t undermine it by being careless with its maintenance. You have no influence over the rising and falling value of houses, but you can keep it from losing value unnecessarily due to disrepair. The more work you put into preserving your home, the greater the return you receive when you come to sell it, whenever that may be.

Keeps you and your family safe

By disregarding your home maintenance, you may be opening you and your home up to hazardous conditions. Loose roof tiles may fall off and strike someone, holes, and cracks within the structure may lead to dangerous problems with dampness and mould within. More severe consequences may also occur, such as electric fires or gas leaks. When you keep on top of the upkeep of your home, you are also keeping you and your family safe from harm.

Disclaimer: This post is a collaboration where money or goods were exchanged for it to be published; however, all opinions are my own.

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