Absolute Autumnal Vibes

My absolute favourite season is finally here; bring on the pumpkins, cosy nights in, candles and chilly mornings.

Sorry, I have been a little quiet, but I have definitely not been feeling myself (again), I would have discussed this now, but I will wait for the next blog post. However, I am feeling a little better, so no need to worry about little old me!

There is something about autumn which just makes me feel so better, the excitement of the festive season, putting the heating on and having cosy nights in watching my favourite films. This might be my favourite season as it is when my birthday falls, but when you are going into your late 20’s it isn’t exactly something to celebrate in my case!

Since buying our first home last year, I have really found a passion for interior design/decor even though our bank balances don’t particularly enjoy this. However, I love changing my life along at the start of each season through fashion and my home, so I thought I would put together a list of my favourite fashion, interior and food items that I particularly enjoy at this time of year!


It isn’t exactly true that my fashion changes with each season as you will always find me in a pair of black jeans and Vans. However, I have been trying some new things over the last couple of months. I have invested in some good cardigans, jumpers, blouses and even a beautiful fur coat. I am always on the colder side and sometimes sitting in an office with people who feel the need to open the window, jumpers and even a blanket is essential at work!

I have invested in some good ankle boots too, as I have had the same few pairs for a couple of years now. With payday nearly upon us, I will definitely be stocking up on a few bits like a scarf, more jeans, skirts and more! I am going to try hard to become more fashionable since realising I need to stop dressing like 2010 emo me.


If I had the money I would be going all out, but we are trying to save some money at the moment to do some exciting projects to the house, and of course, save up for the festive period. We have recently laminated our lounge, and this has made the whole space brighter and bigger. In terms of autumnal decor, I’m thinking of candles, throws, flowers and more. It is sometimes the smallest things you can do to help transform your space! I want to get a rug for our lounge now we have changed the floor has changed, but I think we will wait until Luna has stopped chewing everything and is toilet trained! It is hard to do any changes to the house until Luna is not such a savage, so I’m thinking of doing lots in 2020!


I have already spotted a few festive favourites in the supermarket, which makes me super excited! I have a huge obsession with Treeselets, so much so that I got through four tubs in a week! I feel like autumn is all about picky foods such as a good cheese board, crackers and other buffet-style food. I love an evening spent cuddling on the sofa with my favourite snacks and fire on; absolute heaven! I am always on some weird diet, and I don’t eat meat, but James loves a proper home-cooked meal, so I will be investing in a slow cooker to cook up some of his favourites! FYI- he can’t cook, so I still have to cook him dishes that contain meat as I am SUCH a good girlfriend!

I can’t wait for cute dog walks, cosy pub meals, my birthday, and just being able to hibernate for a little while. I know a lot of people hate the darker mornings and rubbish weather, but this is where I thrive. If you know me well, you will know that I am completely obsessed with this time of year, especially when December starts to draw closer. If I had it my way, my Christmas Tree would be put up in November (it was last year)!

This year has felt like the biggest struggle, but it is nice to finally get to my fave time of year! Do you love autumn as much as me? Let me know in the comments below!


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