Are You Living With These Home-Based Stressors?*

Your home is your sanctuary, right?

It is supposed to be; that place where you can retreat from the worries and pressures that get on top of you in the outside world. However, the reality can be far different.

For some of us, our home can actually be a stressful place to live and is far removed from the blissful retreat that it should be. These are some of the reasons why.

Stressor #1: Home Expenses

The cost of living is unfortunately high, and it’s not always our fault. Our food bills increase because of the price rises that supermarkets inflict upon us. We have the price hikes of our gas and electricity providers to worry about. And then there’s taxes, insurance costs, maintenance fees, and more to consider. Little wonder then, that many of us cower in fear at the footsteps and far-too cheery whistle of the postman!


– We discussed money worries here, so take a look. With some advice on controlling your finances, you might be able to beat this stressor before it gets on top of you. 

– Get into the habit of shopping around too. Use price comparison sites to find cheaper utility and insurance providers, and sign up to Which for a regular comparison of local supermarket prices. 

– If your maintenance costs are getting you down, know that you don’t always have to hire a professional for the jobs at hand. There are some tasks you can do yourself, so check out the linked list, and consider giving them a go yourself. 

Stressor #2: An untidy House

A messy home leads to a messy mind, or so the saying goes. And it’s probably true because as you probably understand yourself, it can be hard to fully relax when we are surrounded by household clutter and various unsightly messes. Now, you could hire a cleaner, but as this will be yet another household expense to consider, it is better if you manage this stressor yourself.


– Get into the habit of decluttering your home, so you are never overwhelmed by the stuff that you tend to accumulate. Whether you throw away, donate, sell, or put into self storage, do something rather than nothing to clear your home on a monthly basis. 

– Set aside some time each day to get on top of your chores. You don’t have to do everything at once (unless you really want to), as with a housework planner you can schedule your various chores at various times in the week. 

– Rather than procrastinating over your more pressing housework chores, clean on the go. So, when you have used a plate, wash it. If you drop crumbs on the floor, sweep them up. And when you leave your bed in the morning, make it, so you don’t have to stress over your messy bed later on in the day.


So, don’t let these home-based stressors get you down. Follow our tips, and then look for other suggestions online to ease your stress levels. Hopefully, you will then be able to come home, shut the door, and relax in your wonderful home environment. 


This post is a collaboration where money or goods were exchanged for it to be published; however, all opinions are my own.

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