Finding Confidence in Your Appearance*

In today’s photoshopped and social media-driven world, it can seem impossible to feel at peace with the way you look. We are constantly barraged with images and diet plans, and regimens meant to change the way we look to fit whatever trend is popular. 

Getting your mind and confidence to a place where you feel secure in the way you look and are at peace with your body will help you find things that help you look and feel great instead of chasing a model of perfection. Confidence is a lifelong pursuit, and there are steps that you can take to put yourself on the path of self-acceptance. 


The first step to feeling confident about your body actually has nothing to do with changing your body or lifestyle. You should feel great about your body no matter where it is right now. There can be changes you want to make to increase your health, but these should originate from a mindset of loving your body and wanting to support it instead of tearing it down. 

You can start by realizing all the ways that you and your body are amazing. We can get stuck in focusing on what we don’t like about our bodies, so it is important to switch that mindset to thinking about all the things we do like about ourselves. When someone pays a compliment, don’t deflect it away or minimize it, but accept it. 

You can keep a list of positive traits, both physical and not, that you like about yourself. This may seem impossible at the beginning, but as you start to compile a list and revisit it regularly, it will become easier to add things to it. Keep this list somewhere where you can see it often and add to it frequently. 

You should also try to spend more of your time smiling. Smiling helps your body deal with stress better and can help you feel happier even if you don’t. When you spend more time smiling, you encourage others to smile as well, and someone smiling at you can help you feel better about yourself. 

Healthy Body

The best way to feel better about your body is to take care of it. If your body is always feeling good, then you will feel good about it. You will see your body as a partner that helps you do the things you want to do instead of something to fight and mold continually. 

What you take into your body plays a huge role in how your body feels. When your body isn’t supplied with the nutrients that it needs, it is going to stop functioning properly. You need to ensure the meals you eat are supporting your body in feeling the best it can. Make sure you are consuming a well-rounded diet of real, whole foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, dairy, and lean proteins. 

You should also drink enough water to keep yourself hydrated. Most people are not drinking enough water and don’t even realize it. Sometimes overeating can be attributed to dehydration. When you fail to drink adequate amounts of water, your body tries to compensate by wanting more food to pull water out of to fix the problem. 

You should also exercise regularly to help your body stay strong, prevent illnesses, and fight anxiety and depression. Finding a kind of exercise that you can enjoy will help you to form an exercise habit. Going for a walk, doing yoga, finding a kickboxing class, or joining a local sports team are all great ways to stay active. 

You should also manage your stress. Higher levels of stress over long periods of time can mess with the delicate balance of hormones in your body. You can manage your stress by finding ways to relax and cool off after a long day and participating in activities that you enjoy. You should also make sure that you are getting enough sleep each night to help you manage your stress, increase your capacity for concentration, and improve brain function. 

Finding Your Style

You also need to find a style that fits your personality. This may take a little bit of stepping out of your comfort zone to try new things, but I promise it will be worth it. Finding a personal style will help you express yourself, and when you feel at home in the clothes you wear, you will feel better about how you look. 

Finding a personal style will take time, but it is not impossible. It may mean trying some new things and seeing if they help you feel your best or not and then adjusting as you discover new items that you love or hate. 

First, you should start by looking in your closet. Pull out your favourite items in your closet that you always seem to gravitate towards or that leave you feeling confident when you wear them. See if you can notice what they have in common or why you like them. You may start to see a pattern of colour, fabric, style, or cut that you can build on. 

You should also look at the fashion pieces you are pulled towards on celebrities or people you know in your life. Are you drawn to the style of certain people? See if you can start to notice a broader pattern in the styles of others that you admire. Seeing why you like the fashion of some people will help you sort through what you will feel confident wearing. 

Once you start to discover these patterns, you can create a fashion mood board to help you explore your style even more. This can be a physical compilation, or it can be compiled digitally. This will help you see even more patterns and things that you are continually drawn to. Once you have some pieces that seem to occur over and over, you can try them in your own wardrobe. It may make sense to keep some of these pictures on your phone, so you can refer to them when you are out shopping. 

Starting by creating a capsule wardrobe of essential basic items of clothing that you love will help you always feel like you have something to wear that helps you feel good while you are exploring your style. These should be classic pieces that you can mix and match to create multiple outfits. Having them in neutral colours makes this process even easier. 

While you are creating this capsule wardrobe is a good time to go through your current clothes and eliminate things that don’t fit or that you never wear. Sometimes we like how something looks on someone else, so we want it to work for us too, but it just doesn’t help us feel good. Let go of these items and focus on what makes you feel your best. 

Once you have your capsule wardrobe, you can start experimenting with some more unique pieces. These pieces can be added to your basic pieces to start showing your unique personality. It is okay to try new things and not like some of them. It is about exploration and finding what you love. 

Other aspects of your style besides clothing are also important to discover. Finding a hairstyle that fits your personality and helps you feel confident is also important. You should also experiment with makeup choices and try different looks to see what works for you. If you wear glasses, you will want to find a pair that reflects who you are as a person. You can try on different pairs or order multiple pairs from to see what you like best. 


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