Getting Your Family Into the Garden More*

Spending time together in the garden is wonderful. It’s something that we tend to do a lot of when we move into a new house. We love spending time outdoors. We exercise outside, we read and practice other hobbies and we relax in the sunshine. There’s nothing better than all being together outside. But, as we settle, things change. If you’ve got kids, you might find that they’d rather be on their Xbox than in the garden. You might spend most of your time working, and when you are at home you might sit watching Netflix while scrolling through social media feeds. 

But, spending time in your garden is one of the easiest ways to be with the people that you love. It’s a chance to get back into nature and away from our stresses. It’s time to devote to each other and enjoy each other’s company. It’s also right next to your house, so you don’t have to worry about dragging everyone somewhere far away. Let’s take a look at some changes that you could make to get the whole family outside into the garden more. 

Add Seating

When you add comfortable seating from Alice’s Garden, you also add options. When there is seating in your garden, you’ve got somewhere to sit reading a book, somewhere to eat and somewhere to entertain. You’ve got a comfortable way to get some extra vitamin D. 

The seating you choose depends on how much space you’ve got, but something comfortable, and a table and chairs are ideal. 

Add Cover

The weather is massively unpredictable. Even in the summer, it can sometimes be hard to spend time in your garden because it’s wet or cold. Adding cover, and if possible outdoor heating means that you can enjoy your garden, no matter what the weather is like. 

Don’t Stress About Mess

One reason that families stop using their gardens as much as they’d like is a worry. Parents worry about their kids ruining flower displays or running mud into the house. They worry about their carefully painted fences getting messy. This worry often leads to them shouting at their kids, or being extra careful and insisting that everyone else does the same. This ruins the fun and causes your children to worry. They won’t be comfortable if they are worried about getting dirty or touching something that they shouldn’t. So they stop wanting to go outdoors. 

Even without kids, you may worry about mess. You might be fed up of sweeping up dirt after you’ve been outside. Try to chill out. A bit of dirt is worth it for all of the benefits of being outdoors. 

Eat Outdoors

Eating outdoors is a great way to spend time together away from the TV. It’s also an excellent way to try new flavours and enjoy your meals more. If you’ve got a BBQ, you could cook outside. If not, you can still eat outdoors. In the spring and summer, try to have dinner around your table and even picnic on the grass as often as you can.


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