My Theatre Obsession*

From reading my blog or knowing me personally, you probably wouldn’t guess that I am a massive fan of going to the theatre. One of my complete obsessions is Phantom of the Opera, and my boyfriend actually took me to London to watch it a few years ago, and I cried with happiness through the whole performance.

Unfortunately, due to living in what I would class as the middle of no-where, we don’t tend to have any great theatre shows where I live, but instead, I would have to travel over 50-miles to Plymouth to watch something that I want. Even though my boyfriend is not a huge fan, he enjoyed the Phantom of the Opera and even Dirty Dancing, which I had to drag him too.

As you can already guess, my favourite performance I have ever seen is, of course, the Phantom of the Opera. After watching the film, I became completely obsessed with everything to do with it! From the soundtrack to the Royal Albert Hall theatre film, I knew I needed to go and see it for myself.

As mentioned briefly above, my boyfriend surprised me with tickets to go and see it in London for Christmas. Of course, I burst into tears with happiness and couldn’t quite believe I was going to see something I have always wanted to. It is important to note that this gift was for our first Christmas together, and nothing has really come close to matching it since (sorry James)!

Once the night finally came, I couldn’t contain my excitement of seeing the show. Our tickets were for the stalls, and we were only a little bit away from the stage. I thought I would be fancy and dress up, but clearly, that isn’t a thing around here, but I looked pretty fancy! We ordered two small glasses of wine which ended up costing £18, but I didn’t care as I was about to sit down for the show.

I can only say that the whole thing was probably the best experience of my whole life, especially after the auction scene when the Overture played; I literally burst into tears; it was absolutely incredible. The whole show was everything I imagined it to be and so much more; I would give my right arm to watch it again, but it is hard to find the time, and it is so expensive getting to London from North Devon.

As you know, I didn’t buy any tickets for this as I was surprised by my other half, but as we are looking for a romantic break away this year which where we can hopefully go and see a performance. I have found the perfect website to find tickets to all of my favourite shows on Tickets Today. When I have had to buy tickets before, it seems like it has been such a hassle, but this website is an authorised theatre ticket seller based in the UK with an easy to use website!

You can search by show or venue, and once you have found a show, you are taken to an easy to use calendar to find an appropriate date and then you can pick your seats. During this selection, it shows you the price of each seat and how clear the view is, which is super helpful.

Hopefully, my boyfriend will surprise me with some tickets for our six years anniversary this year (hint, hint James). I can’t wait to go and watch a show again and really relive the magic of my favourite musicals coming to life on stage.

Have you been to see a performance, what has been your favourite? Let me know in the comments below!

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