3 Elements That Help Any Hotel Stand Out*

As you might have noticed, we truly value travel. The ability to see new places, meet new people, and most of all, challenge our own perceived norms is nothing but valuable. You can imagine that seasoned travellers keep some insights regarding that which makes a hotel stand out. You would be right.

The difference between a great hotel and a somewhat average hotel can be harder to define than you might realise. Of course, the guest experience is key. But what constituent elements make up the guest experience, and what might you look for in order to secure the best hotel experiences you can? On top of that, how do you know if a good or bad experience is a regular consideration and not just a one-off occurrence?

There are many elements that can help a hotel stand out. No matter if you run your own hotel, you are a travel writer, or you simply wish to know where to stay and continue staying throughout your travels of this strange world, then let us discuss this topic:

Fantastic Customer Service

You really cannot beat excellent customer service. It is something that will stick with any guest over and above how they are treated. For example, let us say that a guest notices a hair under their pillow. They complain about it, quite rightly. The staff apologises, puts housekeeping onto the issue immediately by changing the sheets and cleaning that environment. A room discount is applied, as well as a free simply meal or coffee at the restaurant while they wait. On top of that, they are given a returning incentive to come back after their visit. This can rectify the issue, and restore good faith, as you’re going above and beyond to help them. Gordon Ramsays ‘Hotel Hell’ is an entertaining programme to absorb, but also informative. Nine times out of ten, his experience is also that customer service is the essential component to get right.

Bath Robes

Hotel bathrobes are perhaps the most important element of a hotel. But why? Surely there are more important implements? Well, yes, a hotel bathrobe does not completely make or break the guest experience. But it can certainly signify the hotel’s philosophy on things. How clean is it? How fresh is the item in question? Is it neatly folded or hung? Does it come with small slippers? Does it inspire you to purchase your own, such as these excellent hotel quality bathrobes from Richard Haworth? It’s important to ask these questions. If a hotel cares for the bathrobes, they care for security. They care for restaurant hygiene. They care for good housekeeping. This way, you realise that the microcosm is always a symptom of the macrocosm.


The noise of a hotel, and its accepted standard, really makes the difference in the long term when it comes to the customer experience. Consider what guests the hotel allows to stay, and what the culture of the environment is. Do they telegraph if large amounts of rooms are being booked for a convention? Do they allow those attending summer party events in the local town to spend nights at the bar, and does the sound carry up to the rooms? Noise has a big impact on how comfortable a standard guest can enjoy their hotel room. Be sure to pay attention to that.

With this advice, we hope that you can ensure a better hotel-staying experience.


This post is a collaboration where money or goods were exchanged for it to be published, however, all opinions are my own.

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