Five Tips For Moving To A New City*

Moving to a new city might be the biggest decision of your life to date. Whether you are taking the plunge to expand your horizons, for a new job, or to start afresh, a new city is exciting and can create amazing opportunities. 

However, there are a lot of stresses involved in a move and the reality can be quite daunting. You may not have any friends there or familiarity with the culture. Arranging accommodation and finding a new job is stressful enough, without having to worry about other moving responsibilities. 

The most important thing is to remain calm. Get organized, stay positive, and push forward with the right mindset. 

If you’re moving to a new city, here are five great tips to make the transition a little easier.

Visit before you move

Visiting a city before you move there can give you valuable insight into what your new life might look like. If financially viable, take a short to medium-length stay in your new city and explore as much as possible. 

Visit various neighbourhoods, try out the local restaurants and stores, and speak to the residents. Spend a couple of days carrying out your typical routine and get a feel for the area. 

If there are any major red flags, you may need to reconsider your move. 

Research local amenities

Researching amenities and resources that you will use ahead of time will help you settle quicker. Find the nearest bank, gym, supermarket, pharmacy, cafe, and whatever else you need. Often times, the locally owned stores are the best. 

You will then arrive in your new city with a plan. Within a couple of days, you can have a bank appointment, gym membership, and a favourite coffee shop because of diligent research. 

Prioritize employment

Many people move to a new city because of a job. However, even more of us move in the hope of securing a better one. 

Finding a new job is essential for affording your lifestyle, but it is also useful for settling into your surroundings. It gives you a routine and introduces you to a new social group. 

Don’t be afraid to work part-time or in a role that you’re overqualified for. This can help you find your feet and provides you with steady pay while you search for something more long term. 

Organize your living space

Don’t underestimate the difficulty of securing a place to live. The rental market is fickle and full of hidden costs. Ensure that you carry out the necessary research and find a secure place to stay for when you arrive. 

Many people stay in hostels or hotels for their first couple of weeks in a new city. Although this can work in the short-term, finding your routine in such a temporary environment can be stressful.

Plan ahead of time. If you don’t want to commit to a long-term lease before you arrive, consider short term rentals. A good start can have a huge impact on how you settle into the city.

Embrace the culture

If you’re moving overseas, you’re likely to experience some culture shock. Don’t worry, this is normal. 

Stay true to your lifestyle but embrace the new culture that surrounds you. Be willing to learn, stay respectful, and get involved in the community. It will feel like home in no time.

Disclaimer: This post is a collaboration where money or goods were exchanged for it to be published; however, all opinions are my own

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